3D Printing – A ubiquitous technology

3D Printing – Print your imagination

If you are a tech-geek, you must be aware and also enthusiastic about the 3D printing technology that is about to invade the markets. 3D printer is a revolution in technology that will actually imitate or duplicate any object of your choice. Believe it or not, but the 3D scanners will scan the object and the 3D printers will create a duplicate on demand.

3D Printing

It is being said that the Prosthetics will benefit much from this technology. You might have waited for weeks to get a tooth work done. But the 3D printing technology will make this task much easier and faster for you. May it be dentures, or bridges or implants, you’ll get you dental worries fixed in a couple of hours. Same will be the case with prosthetic limbs. To design and manufacture a moving part is a tedious job. But 3D printers can help you manufacture such parts with utmost accuracy.

Another benefit of the 3D printing technology is that, you can simply get a blueprint of any desired object and put it as a source to a 3D printer. The 3D printer will build the object for you. Now, you can imagine the possibilities as to what a 3D printer can do. Wish to build another world and a 3D printer will wave the magic wand for you.

You get a range of 3D printers in the market, cost depending on the size of the product to be built, the quality of the imitation and the make of course. You also get a variety of 3D printing software as per your requirements. As per the rough estimate by the reviewers, 3D printer costs you around 20 USD per cubic centimeter of a finished product which turns out to be much cheaper for products those have a huge manufacturing cost.

3Doodler is another technology that has recently been launched. It is a 3D printing pen that secrets melted plastic from its extruder. It works similar to any common 3D printer but it is small in size, handy and is easy to manage. Using a 3Doodler for building a large object can be painful unless you have the patience to hold it for hours.


With the 3D printers, imagine and build your world with the objects right from your stationery, toys, and accessories to prosthetics, bionic arms, spares, etc. and that too at a cheaper cost.

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