42% of Windows users plan to migrate to Apple

The developer of antivirus software, Avast has conducted a survey among users of Windows, and has done the day before the release of Windows 8 the new version of Microsoft operating system. The survey results are devastating for Microsoft, and excellent for Apple.

Windows 8

The highlighting of the survey are the following:

• The survey was conducted among 135 000 Windows users who used Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
• Only a tiny percentage of users (9%) are prepared to buy new equipment and upgrade to Windows 8.
• Overall, only 16% of respondents were planning to buy a new computer.
• Of that percentage, 42% said that it was considering the purchase of an Apple product: 12% of them would go for a Mac, and 30% for iPad.

Given these data and the fact that sales of Windows 8 are producing at a slow rate, really to be seen whether these data are confirmed or not. Something that Microsoft might prevent certain extent after the launch of the new Microsoft Surface that will be available in both RT and full format with convertible ultrabooks as Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga.

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