What is 4K Technology? Are we ready?

4K Technology also referred as Ultra High Definition (UHD) Technology. The technology refers to the TV or projector’s display resolution. So what is 4K Technology for normal consumers? The current TV resolutions are 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) or 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels). What 4K technology means is that the current TV, projectors resolution will be multiplied by 4 times. The 4K Technology will offer resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

That amounts to 8 million pixels with each pixel displaying details in their finest form of quality. The 4K technology will deliver fine and smooth video images that unless you are very close to the screen you will not be able to see a pixel structure on the screen.  4K has the potential to deliver almost as much depth as 3 dimension irrespective of the screen refresh rate.

4k Technology
4k Technology

As the 4K Technology provides much more detail contents, one need a big screen and a projector to watch the movies, pictures in 4K resolution.

4K resolution is now being used in cinema theaters where films are upgraded from 2K resolution to 4K resolution.  The current television technology does not support 4K resolution. One needs to have upscaling capability to watch 4K transmission. The technology is fast growing and it will be seen in few days/months that it will be part of the home theater.

So are we ready to embrace 4K Technology? The current Blu-ray Discs also do have the physical capability to accommodate 4K resolution content and they will not be able to play 4K content unless there is an upscaling capability. Same is the case with broadcasting where extra bandwidth would be required to transmit 4K content. This will change very fast in coming date and 4K Technology will become a part of our life in days to come. The top brands like Sony, LG, etc.  have already started lunching their 4K resolution TVs. Sony XBR-84X900 is 84 inch LCD TV recently launched by Sony that uses the 4K Technology. LG is also planning to lauch its 4K Technology sometime next year. We will keep you updates on those…

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