7 new features of Android Marshmallow 6.0

The giant Google has finally begun with its roll out with the amazing next version of its mobile OS Android Marshmallow 6.0. With the next update of the new OS which is now numbered Android 6.0, instead of Android 5.2 as previously speculated. Announced at Google I/O 2015, the phone brings with it a number of new and interesting mix of features to even spruce up your smartphones and other tablets (provided they actually get the update). Here we take a closer look at 10 of the interesting features of it:-

a) Google Now on Tap

One of the very interesting and key Android Marshmallow features is the very own Google Now on Tap. This is a more interesting and advanced versions of the good company’s is the digital assistant. While actually Google Now is keenly and presently available, on most of the phones, only via the very own Search app, Android 6.0 will tend to make it all-pervasive.

Check out the 7 new features of this OS
Check out the 7 new features of this OS

b) Chrome Custom Tabs
Many a times, you may click a given link in the app and it may either take you to the really default browser (like some Chrome, Opera etc) or other such links. With the new feature of Android 6.0, app makers will be able to seamlessly integrate the Chrome tabs into given apps, but be able to retain the given app’s customized look.

c) Battery life enhancements
Battery life support of this mobile OS is amazing. While on one hand, Android Lollipop’s Project Volta did not bring much of that battery life improvement. However, the required company also claims to have brought a good fix with some Android Marshmallow’s Doze feature. Basically, this is the same feature which is said to bring your given smartphone to a near-off state when it has been idle for a long time.

d) Finger print support goes native:-
While there may be manufacturers, like even the Samsung, HTC or even OnePlus and also Oppo etc, these people have been using some kind of fingerprint sensors in their given smartphones for quite some time. Also Google is making a good fingerprint sensor support native with the available Android 6.0.

e) App permissions:-

Google would have also tried to reboot the necessary given app permissions with some nice, Android 6.0. Marshmallow that will also allow other users to genuinely and nicely accept or even genuinely deny permissions to some good apps as and when they would have updated. For example, there may be an app you may want to download and wants to access your camera, you can easily choose to just deny so that the given requirement while approving the others.

f)Android Pay:-

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is here to bring in the very exclusive Android Pay which is an NFC-based payment system that will even rival the Apple Pay and also Samsung Pay. Though this feature will be only launched with the Android Marshmallow, it will still be genuinely available for good devices running on Android 4.4 and above.

Thus Android 6.0 is all set to woo the technology geeks and lovers.

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