$99 iPhone from Apple: Is it real?

The size does matters, believes Apple. The current smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy series phones are getting more popular in the user community and Apple is thinking that it may lose ground because of smaller screen sizes in its iPhones. Samsung has already overtaken Apple in market share through the popularity of its bigger-screen Galaxy phablets and also by bringing in wide range of products at different prices in the market.

iPhone size

Rumours are high that Apple is planning to bring iPhones with bigger screen sizes and will be bringing low cost phones as well. According to the Reuters, Apple is planning to launch iPhone with two different screen sizes next year; one with 4.7-inch and the other with 5.7-inch. All the iPhones that Apple has brought in are normally with the size of 3.5 to 4 inches. As per Apple CEO Tim Cook the screen sizes are kept smaller for specific reasons. According to him the larger screens comes with tradeoffs. People do not look at the size only but they look for the image colors, the white balance, reflectivity, brightness, longevity of the display and of course the battery life.

Apple is also planning to expand its product line to bring in a cheaper version of the iPhone. The details of the phone are not yet clear but few things such as the price tag of the new gadget are peeking through. It will be a $99 phone. The new phone will come in plastic casing. The phone will be made available in variety of colors.  There will be about 5 to 6 different color options. The traditional iPhone comes with only black and white colors.

iPhone with colors

Apple is also expected to launch new model of iPhone this year, the iPhone 5S. The phone will come with new fingerprint technology. The color options of the cheaper phone would serve to differentiate it from the high-end 5S model. Apple is also making lot of changes such as look and functionality of its mobile operating system iOS7. iPhone user are also going to get new service like the iTunes Radio

Users who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on new smartphones, the Apple cheaper iPhone will be better choice for them. Apple would like to target countries like India and China where Samsung has already captured the market in the Smartphone arena. Let’s see what Apple offers to users with these two new versions of iPhones.

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