A preliminary version of IE 10 for Windows 7 will be in mid-November

With the release of Windows 8 Microsoft of course, will continue to actively support Windows 7. Moreover, the company has promised that the latest proprietary software for Windows 8 will always be issued for the previous OS. But as practice shows, the rush with this corporation does not intend to. In particular, Microsoft has promised to release a preliminary version of the web browser IE 10 for Windows 7 in mid-November.

IE 10 for Windows 7

There are many questions that developers do not hesitate to ask in the comments to Microsoft Blog. Why to release software for Windows 7 late, because release IE10 for Windows 8 is scheduled for October 26? In addition, at this time will be RTM-version, and in mid-November for the older operating system promised a preliminary version of Internet Explorer 10, what is the reason? Answers to these questions yet, but delaying the final version of IE 10 for Windows 7 is not very profitable and Microsoft, as the share of Internet Explorer’s Browser continues to fall.

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