A year without Steve Jobs has anything changed in Apple?

October 5, the first anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs, a visionary become myth and that changed the technology industry and consumer electronics from the top executive of Apple.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs biography is priceless, like all great men of history. Their influence on Apple was highest at all levels, so that after his death all wondering what Apple without Jobs hangout, or change radically company.

Maybe a year is too little to analyze a company like Apple, but we can ensure scathing Jobs’ death has not affected in terms of financial or economic performance, although it is observed that loss of glamour or charisma that printed his co- founder.

The value of Apple’s stock has continued to rise, and its market capitalization and revenues and profits. Makes sense since Apple is a well oiled machine, the short-term strategic direction was set before Jobs’ death and the products launched this year.

However, the recent release of iOS 6 has been marked by a mapping service that Apple itself has received widespread criticism with the myriad errors; something improper in a company like Apple has done and ask to media and analysts; if something like this had happened with Jobs’.

A disaster is not remembered in Apple, not because of the errors, but by the lack of quality control failed to launch an application to market, which is responsible directly to the new CEO, Tim Cook.

Cook, who incidentally, has public apologized and has recommended the use of competing map services including Google Maps, precisely the main reason fiasco because Apple wanted out and delete it as a stroke of your devices.

An apology and recommendation also unbecoming Apple, a company known not just by the virtue of humility and the ability to fit reviews, and it probably never would have made Steve Jobs.

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