ABX-N300, a wireless audio system for Apple: Review, Specs & Features

Ethernet and DLNA compatibility AirPlay are the main strengths of this ABX-N300 speaker / docking station for Apple devices, also equipped with a retractable dock. ABX-N300 The Japanese manufacturer Onkyo has a new wireless audio system: the ABX-N300 iOnly Stream, a device – in fact fairly pleasant to the sight of the first photos – combining a docking station for Apple and an enclosure type Bass-reflex. This technology includes Active Bass Control manufacturer to improve the sound from both speakers of 60 mm. Announced the total power is 2 x 10 W RMS. Bandwidth is established for its 40 Hz to 20 KHz with a signal / noise ratio of 70 dB.

Complete and easy ABX-N300 The finish of the ABX-N300 is as neat as ergonomics is studied. Thus, the top of the thing has an LCD display with 128 x 64 pixels and a long row of buttons touch controls for easy access to many features available. ABX-N300 Onkyo little touch of elegance: the base, the base of the enclosure has a small adjustable lighting (normal, variable or off). Apart from listening to music in wireless mode, it is also possible to listen directly by plugging the iPhone or iPod, or iPad on the Apple Dock connector built.

Network and wireless certified

The ABX-N300 has two certifications DLNA and AirPlay for music listening mode streaming from a source such as iPhone, PC, a NAS drive or an Android device. The Onkyo system supports audio files MP3, WMA Lossless and AAC files and uncompressed WAV and FLAC.

A wide range of audio sources

ABX-N300 Moreover, it is also possible to use other audio sources as long as the latter have a headphone output. An auxiliary audio input jack with 3.5 mm is present for this purpose. Note also that thanks to its network connectivity (Wi-Fi or Ethernet), the ABX-N300 is able to access thousands of Internet radio stations. At the time of this writing, it is still unfortunately not specify a date of availability and selling prices for Onkyo audio system ABX-N300 iOnly Stream.

Appealing design and clean finish
Ethernet and Wi-Fi
DLNA support and AirPlay

No video output

If you have any query regarding ABX-N300 iOnly Stream speakers then feel free to ask.


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