Accessing “testing menu” on an Android phone

Android smartphones are one of the most trending mobiles in today’s generation. Everyone is obsessed by the stylish phone varieties, colors and the ocean of features it offers. But, there certain features offered by android phones which are hidden and only people who have an in-depth knowledge of technology know about it unlike most of them who just use it to cherish the known and famous features. These unknown features offered by android phones are available under the “testing menu” which may also be foreign for many.

Testing Menu in Android smartphones:
Testing menu in android phones is nothing but a menu that offers information of features that is not available in other visible menus. It is also called as the service menu.” Knowing about and how to access it will give you a bundle of information about features and also access to them which is not available elsewhere.

Accessing testing menu and Secret codes:
Now information of accessing testing menu of android phones is not available with the user manuals that come along with the device. You need a secret code to access the android smartphones testing menu. The information of this secret code is also not available in the user manual. The code is as follows: – *#*#4636#*#*. Now you may be wondering of how to use this code in your android device? It is simple as you got to simply dial this code on your phone dialer screen and the testing menu will appear on the screen. It should be noted that this secret code to access the hidden testing menu is available on most of the android phones.

What does Testing menu offer?
When you use the secret code, a testing menu listing four sub-menus will appear on your screen. These four sub-menus are as follows:
1. Phone information: This sub-menu provides information like current network details, info on IMEI number etc.
2. Battery information: This sub-menu provides information like voltage, health and temperature of the mobile phone.
3. Usage statistics: This sub-menu enlightens you with the exact usage details done by you on your smartphone like which was the last app used with the exact time of usage.
4. Wi-Fi information: Here information of WiFi, its usage, info on how to enable or disable WiFi networks is available. Apart from this, this sub-menu allows you run ping tests which can also be done from the other sub-menu Phone information.

Andriod Service Menu
Android Service Menu

So go ahead and test the code and enjoy the unknown. But take precaution that you don’t play with certain settings of which you are not aware of as it may lead to the destruction of your android smartphone. For example, if you off the phones radio from the phone information sub-menu of the testing menu, then you won’t be able to use your mobile for feature like texts messages, calls and for cellular data until you turn the device on. So do access the testing menu of android smartphones but in a smart way!

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