Acer Aspire V3 laptop offers power but missing Blu-ray: Review & Specs

Acer Aspire V3 is 17.3-inch Full HD laptop featuring a good Intel Core i7 processor, an NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M good and a nice storage space (1.5TB). Moreover, it is priced at 999 Euros.

Acer Aspire V3

This notebook provides enough power and storage space to store your old desktop PC in the closet. Too bad it does not include a Blu-Ray player and it does not offer more than two USB 3.0.

The promise

The Acer Aspire V3 is a portable 17.3-inch versatile as announced by Acer. Contradicting the small Aspire V5, there are however some commonalities in the chassis design and equipment. Clearly designed to cover a wide range of uses and to replace a desktop PC, this laptop has a Full HD embeds a beautiful setting, but which lacks a Blu-ray. Hope for 999 euros, this big laptop manages to make us forget the absence!


The Acer Aspire V3 71G is an imposing Acer laptop with a 17.3-inch screen. Thick (3.9 cm), a little heavy (3.25 kg plus 636 g for AC adapter), it is thought to use sedentary. Moreover, the video playback does not exceed 2 hours and 30 minutes. Not enough to watch a movie in a long version on the train or plane. At home, this Acer Aspire V3 is the ideal replacement for older desktop PC and for the whole family. We only regret that Acer do not call that plastic chassis. Some metal would have brought a touch of luxury to a PC deserves.
A beautiful versatile configuration

The configuration of the Acer Aspire V3 does not lack resources. The Intel Core i7-3610QM is very powerful and, supported by 8GB of memory, it performs all the calculations without forcing. The video card is Nvidia GeForce GT 650M, meanwhile, suitable for recent video games … if you did not play in the native resolution of the screen. The GeForce GT 650M display between 36 and 49 frames per second (f / s) Full HD all the details thoroughly. By reducing definition (1366 points per 768), scores between 50 and 70 i / s, always with maximum details. For Storing your data is provided by two 750 GB hard drives, 1.5 TB total for all your photos, videos and music. Finally, the set of connectors offered by the Acer Aspire V3 are satisfactory, but lacks more USB 3.0. Only two made out of four adopt the standard USB at high speed! Why not all? Acer adds Fortunately, VGA and HDMI, headphone jacks and microphone and triple module Gigabit LAN, Wi-Fi n and Bluetooth 4.0, plus a card reader.

Acer Aspire V3


Measured consumption, ventilation ubiquitous

Through technology Nvidia Optimus, the entire configuration of Acer Aspire V3 consumes only twenty watts when you surf or work. Indeed, it is the integrated graphics processor Intel Core i7 takes care of the display so that no application requires a large power requirement chart. However, when you start a game, it is the GeForce who takes control and consumption can rise up to 136 watts. Relatively discreet ventilation Acer Aspire V3 is permanently active. In normal use, the noise measurements are around 33 dB. Once you start encoding video or massive transfers of files, ventilation becomes noisier (42.2 dB) and the temperature can rise to 43 ° C under the machine (36.5 ° C on the palmrest).
A beautiful matte screen and good sound, but a soft keyboard

The high definition display (1920 by 1080 dots) of Acer Aspire V3 is bright (305 cd/m2) and sharp (1 011:1). The display quality is generally the appointment, and we appreciate the satin lining covering the slab. In a sunny or bright room, reflections are not to be feared. However, the lack of color accuracy and it is not obvious that with correct graphics drivers. For typing comfort, however, the separate keypad is not the best model of its kind. Still a little soft (a recurrent fault), however, it is correctly proportioned and equipped with a numeric keypad. However, it has no media control to complete the usual set of keys. On the side of audio, Acer has worked with Dolby to improve the rendering quality of the speakers. Without processing software developed by Dolby, the sound is relatively poor. However, once the Dolby software enabled, the result is as good on the speakers with the headphones. Three profiles (music, movie and game) are pre-programmed, but it is always possible to manually adjust the settings.
The verdict

Acer Aspire V3 laptop is powerful, has a large storage capacity and a full HD matte good quality movies, surfing, games, and of course, office. However, the Blu-ray is missing, all the USB ports are not 3.0, ventilation purrs constantly and chassis uses too much plastic for our liking. In our thinking we will recommend you Acer Aspire V3 laptop, if you don’t need Blu-ray.

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