Acer K750 projector with indestructible full HD: Review & Specs

Acer K750 is one of the first projectors that can produce Full HD 1080p, moreover, it’s lamp life is able to run for 20,000 hours.

Acer K750

When someone is looking for buying a projector, most consumers do not indicate the cost of replacing the lamp. Except that this “little detail” can be costly. The vast majority of devices, from 1500 hours of operation, there was a significant decrease in overall brightness. And even pushing the parameters to bottom, it is impossible to compensate. This is a sign that the lamp is being falter and will soon have to change. A replacement, depending on the model and according to the manufacturers, cost between 250 and 500 euros. This Acer K750 projector is priced at € 2,490.

Longevity tenfold

Acer K750

The good news is that Acer is preparing to market the first Full HD 1080p projector using a hybrid light source, combining laser and LED. This is the end of the traditional lamp! This technology has two major advantages. First, it ensures longevity tenfold compared to a conventional UHP lamp. Nearly 20,000 hours of operation. Secondly, it promises energy savings in operation and standby, and a total absence of harmful substances. What makes this Acer K750 projector certainly one of the greenest on the market. With this type of light source, remember also that there is no ventilation period when power is turned off. You turn it off and it’s done. No need to wait for it to cool.
Bright 3D Ready, but a bit noisy

Source LED / laser projector allows this single DLP display brightness between 1200 lumens (eco mode) and 1500 ANSI lumens (standard mode). It’s okay to use in a dedicated environment, i.e. in total darkness. Acer K750 contrast ratio is also able to climb up to 100 000:1. Again, on paper, it is quite satisfactory. should also be noted that the zoom (1.2x) and manual focus are that the device is 3D Ready (via DLP Link), the noise ventilation circuit is around 30 dB during normal operation and that the connector comprises two HDMI, VGA input, two inputs and an analog video input / output audio jack.

Private screenings

Finally, the Acer K750 is a compact and lightweight (4 kg). This is quite the kind of projector that can be used for ad hoc sessions (home theater or video game) in a living room, cellar, attic … In short, wherever the installation of a fixed projection is not possible. The price: is 2490 euros, that of longevity.

Acer K750

The longevity of the laser light source and LED
Image HD 1080p DLP
Correct brightness
The ecological and economic aspects

Operating noise in standard mode

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