Acer Liquid Glow Smartphone: Complete Review & Specs

Effective mobile internet, this Acer Liquid Glow smartphone offers excellent price / quality ratio. Not recommended, however, to multimedia enthusiasts.

Acer Liquid Glow

The new smartphone from Acer is an entry level Acer, the Acer Liquid Glow, presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will be available in many countries in a few days at a price of € 179. Placing it among the cheapest mobile in its class! Well equipped and operated with Android v4.0 ICS, the new Liquid seems to have it all. Is it really worth? If you want to know, then read further.


Acer Liquid Glow

Despite a thickness that exceeds the centimeter, the Acer Liquid Glow captivates with its original style. Shape with rounded edges to visually slims and provides excellent grip. The appliance has a good finish with a matte black back, soft touch, enhanced by way gray brushed metal elements and chromium. Despite the moderate price of its mobile, Acer has clearly not been impasse on the design. Rarer still, the 3.7-inch screen offers a very correct definition for this size and this price range: 800 by 480 points. The display quality is good and the screen is almost readable outdoors. Only the side mirror of the slab shows annoying to use, especially in the sun.

Excellent communicator, not multimedia

Acer Liquid Glow Smartphone

Featuring one of the latest versions of Android (4.0.4), the Acer Liquid Glow Smartphone features a classic Qualcomm processor at 1 GHz with 512 MB of RAM, which gives fast operation and ease of use quite satisfactory for all functions of communication and mobile Internet. However, the device is unable to play HD video smoothly (images completely jerky). The player supports, however, most file formats (XviD, DivX, WMV, etc.). Its 5-megapixel sensor with flash does not spark. The pictures, about right in good lighting conditions, are too smooth and rapidly lose sharpness at the edges. Videos (800 points per 480 maximum) are noisy and display an annoying flicker, but remain passable.

Ultra autonomous surfing and compatible NFC

Pleasant surprise, the autonomy of Acer Liquid Glow is excellent shows on network 3G web browsing with nearly 6 hours. It is, however, slightly less generous on appeal and video playback with a score approaching 6 am and 9 respectively. Overall, the camera does not disappoint on this front. Compatible with 3G, WiFi n and Bluetooth 3.0, the smartphone also loads the NFC for contactless mobile payment. Finally, to compensate for low memory (less than 500 MB available), the device comes with a MicroSD card of 4 GB.

The verdict

For a moderate price of € 179, the Acer Liquid Glow Smartphone perfectly fulfills its mission of communication while offering a sleek design and a good screen resolution. Autonomous, especially surfing, this smartphone is not, however, to recommend to fans of photos and videos.

This was all regarding the Acer Liquid Glow Smartphone; if you have any query regarding this phone then, feel free to ask.

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