Add a secondary e-Ink screen to your iPhone 5 with popSLATE

We just saw a curious case for iPhone 5 that integrates e-ink screen to the back of the Apple terminal and is fully customizable. Moreover, as we know, the e-ink screens are virtually zero energy expenditure if we do not change the image / text shown, which a very interesting point.


popSLATE IndieGoGo is a project of a website like Kickstarter in which the founders of popular projects seeking funding to carry out their ideas. In this case we found very curious union application / case to show one of the most interesting things for iPhone 5.

Suppose we go somewhere, we could have a map on the back without turning on the mobile screen, or take a picture or image to personalize our device, the shopping list, etc..
The price of housing is not economical, since it starts at $ 99 + shipping overall to get one, but you cannot deny that this is a very interesting idea / innovation, so if you also want to popSLATE e-ink screen to your iPhone 5, then order one and enjoy the battery life.

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