Alcatel One Touch 995 smartphone affordable and powerful: Review and Specs

Versatile, independent and comfortable in use, the new Alcatel OT has everything it takes to compete with competitors. Below I have mentioned a review regarding the Alcatel One Touch 995 smartphone.

Alcatel One Touch 995

The promise

Alcatel presented with its One Touch 995, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last February. Alcatel has provided pretty good specs likely to appeal to consumers in terms of design and ease of use? The below written review of Alcatel One Touch 995 smartphone will answer your all question regarding this Android smartphone.


Alcatel One Touch 995

Alcatel One Touch 995 comes with its large 4.3 inch screen and a design that is thin (less than 1 cm thick), the Alcatel OT 995 takes advantage of many of its competitors for entry and mid-range, often confined to dimensions less generous. This phone is available in black model, which has a velvet touch back matt – also available in white, smooth plastic and shiny. Despite a design without fancy and very square, the device offers a pleasant grip. Its connectivity, standard, is particularly full: micro HDMI port and a MicroSD reader, easily accessible under the hull. To compensate the low storage space available to the user (less than 1 GB), the manufacturer provides a 4GB card with the mobile.

Not yet on ICS, but already powerful

Running version 2.3.5 of Android, called Gingerbread, Alcatel One Touch 995 should receive an update to Android 4.0 (called Ice Cream Sandwich, ICS) in the summer. It is equipped with a Qualcomm processor swift, clocked at 1.4 GHz, but its performance in terms of speed and fluidity of navigation in the interface are satisfactory. Regarding the latter, the user can opt for a classic version or 3D version, based on SPB Shell. Through a carousel with up to twelve panels, the user can fully customize their mobile phone. Many widgets are made available and, more rarely, a large software package, including even an antivirus. Finally, without reaching that of Huawei Honor, the HTC V One or Optimus L7, the autonomy of Alcatel’s mobile was not ashamed to face the best smartphones on the market: over 11 hours talk time and more than 5 hours of web browsing on 3G networks.

It should be better in multimedia

In the absence of a dual core processor, Alcatel One Touch 995 does not target gamers with the latest generation, the most resource-intensive (risk of delays or disruptions installation), or even 1080p HD video, the device is limited to reading and recording in HD 720p. Pleasant surprise nonetheless, the 5 megapixel sensor with flash book of photos and videos of honest quality, which is not always the case with mid-range models. In addition, the player supports standard key formats, Xvid, DivX and WMV included. microHDMI port, rarely present on smartphones processor with simple heart, even gives the possibility to broadcast your photos and videos on a TV subject to purchase a cable micro-HDMI/HDMI. Only downside, the screen of the smartphone receives only a low resolution (21 dpi only), as well as brightness and contrast means. The display quality is affected, thus wasting some good general impression.

Alcatel One Touch 995
The verdict

Proposed around 200 euros in a few online retailers – 210 euros or 180 euros on the discount for example – the Alcatel One Touch 995 is a bargain for anyone looking to enjoy the potential of a smartphone without ruin. Despite lacking a screen in little brightness and smoothness in terms of definition, the first large-scale model of Alcatel has many strengths to convince. So, if you are thinking to buy this affordable 4.3 inches Android running smartphone i.e. Alcatel One Touch 995, then it would be a good decision.


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