All about Android Operating System

Android is the most powerful operating system launched by Google Inc. and it is an open source platform that is available on wide range of Smart phones these days. This operating system comes with several benefits. This operating system seems highly customizable for some people, while for Smart phones newbie this operating system can be quite intimidating. Today most of the Smart phones available in the market are powered by the Android operating system. The open nature platform enables the cell phone manufacturers to customize the operating system according to handset features so that users will find it easy to use. This is the reason why this operating system feel and look different on different devices.


Customizable Interface


All cell phones powered by Android operating system come with touch screen feature and some of them are also available with hardware keyboards. The customizable feature of this operating system is like a bonus for the users which they will not find with any other platform. The flexibility in setting up the desktop screens according to your desire is something that is quite impressive about this operating system. Moreover, this operating system has comprehensive menu that enables to create shortcuts to access the files and applications of the device. However, the interface of the operating system varies depending upon the cell phone you are using.


Available Applications

It is an open source platform that enables the users to create their own apps to run on this platform. Moreover, you will find several new apps available in the Android market. Android is the operating system that supports multi-tasking, thus it enables the users to run multiple applications at a time. It becomes quite handy when it comes run multiple apps like checking emails, web page and enjoying social media, all the same time. This operating system is the invention of Google and Google is popular for offering loads of amazing mobile applications, Google Maps, Google Maps Navigation (beta) etc, users can enjoy all these applications with their Android mobiles.


The Latest Version

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is the latest version and it is most stable version launched by Google till date. Loads of new features are included in this new version and it is very powerful and fast than every before. Users of this latest version can enjoy using voice typing feature even during bad reception because this latest version comes with offline voice typing feature. The cell phone powered by 4.2 Jelly Bean OS can easily predict the moves and touch of the users. That means your cell phone will come to know in prior where you are going to touch. Therefore, the touch experience of the users will be enhanced till certain extend.

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