Amazing features of tablet computer

In the past decade a lot of technological marvels have been created. But the improvement and innovation that we have seen in the consumer electronics is huge. This era has witnessed the creation of technological marvels such as tablet computers and smart phones. Tablets are basically computers that are smaller version of laptop. Here are few things that are unique to Android tablets.

Android tablets

1. An Android tablets offer content from the Google play store. You can download as many apps as you wish from the Google market, apart from application you can download songs and movies of your choice. you can always go for the paid or free apps as Google market has millions of apps that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet. The biggest advantage of having an android tablet that we can have all the apps of the phone with a better and bigger screen.

2. Android tablets are available in all price ranges. You can find an android tablet which costs about 200s of dollars or have a tablet that is as expensive as $ 400. This is why a lot of people are going for an Android tablets because they come in all price ranges.

3. Android tablets do come in all sorts of sizes you can find the tablet that has a 7 inch screen or a tablet that has an 11inch screen. All these tablets came with a nice high-resolution screen but it all depends upon how much you are spending on them.

4. These Android tablets offer a lot of connectivity options such as GPS, NFC, 3G, GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth etc. making sure that you’re always connected to the web or to the ones that you want. To support all these connectivity options android tablets do come with a good battery ensuring that you don’t have too charged them every now and then. There are tablets that can offer a video playback to 8 hours that is more than what a laptop offers.

5. On Android tablets there are more productivity options than an android phone. On android tablets you will find productivity applications that are developed solely for android tablets, optimized for the screen size of the tablet. You can find applications that are unique to android tablets you won’t find these applications on android phones. Through these applications you can carry out the same work that you carry out on a PC with no hassle.

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