Amazon Echo – How it can be used as a hub for a Smarthome

Not all may be aware of this cloud-centric innovation of technology called Amazon Echo which can be used as hub for your Smarthome.

What is Amazon Echo?
Amazon Echo is a voice command device that uses cloud technology. Having a cylindrical speaker that is 9.5-inch tall and a seven-piece microphone array, it has a wake word called “Alexa” to which it responds. Apart from Alexa, another wake word that can be used as such is “Amazon.” This wake word is nothing but your voice password. While in default mode, the device responds to the spoken wake word, you can also use a manually controlled and voice-activated remote control that makes up for the wake word in its absence.

Cloud-based processing:
Amazon Web Services provides a platform on which Amazon echo works. Also, its voice recognition system is derived from Amazon Web Services. For using Amazon echo, you will need a Wi-Fi internet connection for using Amazon echo. Also, its audio circuit is such that you can turn it off by, when not required, by using the mute button.

Setting up of Amazon Echo and the Echo Companion App:
Setting up amazon echo is an easy process. It just requires you to follow the steps mentioned in the Echo companion App and Alexa will be at your service. It should be noted that you have to set up Amazon echo and the smarthome hub separately.
Below are the simple steps one can follow to set up an echo with a with wink hub for your smarthome:
1. Firstly create an account, then plug in into the hub and with the help of the app, add to required smarthome devices which you want to incorporate with amazon echo.
2. In the settings option of Echo Companion app, select Connected Devices and choose “link with wink” under the Device Links section.
3. Then you have to sign in into the Link account that will give Amazon an access. On receiving confirmation, close it.
4. Now under the Devices section, by choosing the Discover Devices option, you will allow Amazon to read your wink accounts settings i.e. Alexa will actually read out the number of connected devices. Then you can command Alexa to turn them on or off as per your requirement.

Benefits of Amazon Echo:
Amazon echo proves to be a beneficial hub which will offer your ease of control for using various devices electronic devices connected to it. For example, if you want to turn-on all the lights of your office, it will be tedious to turn each one on. But, with Amazon Echo, you can turn-on all the lights instantly as all of them will be connected to a common hub. You just have to call out your voice password i.e. “Alexa” and the lights will be on prior to you entering the office. Such a use of echo for controlling various devices at home or office is really an invention in itself.

The only limitation this device has that it’s support to certain features is yet in the process of development. But this doesn’t limit you from using the major benefits that amazon echo provides.

Alexa App:
With this app, you can control Amazon Echo when you are away from home too. By downloading the Alexa app manage devices like alarms, music etc. It is compatible with Android ios, desktop browsers and Fire OS. Thus, if you want to transform your home to a Smarthome, then Amazon Echo is the best hub you can opt for and gift yourself a life of ease the smart way!

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