Amazon Kindle Fire HD impressing with display: Review & Specs

Despite its Android operating system, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD is exclusively oriented with Amazon services. With a good range and comfortable to use, the tablet offers one of the best quality / price ratio.

Kindle Fire HD

Autonomous use of a pleasant and an excellent price / quality ratio, the Kindle Fire HD is exclusively oriented.

The promise

Known for its online store and its electronic ink reading lights, Amazon launches its first touch pad in many countries Kindle Fire HD is a high-end model at size 7 inches (17.8 cm) whose price is moderate. With these arguments, the American giant has much to overshadow its main rivals: Apple’s iPad mini and Google with its Nexus 7. This tablet has assets to take a place on the market.


Relatively thin and lightweight (1.03 cm thick 395 g), the Amazon Kindle Fire HD has an excellent finish with a non-slip tactile back. With full connectivity standard – MicroUSB, 3.5-mm jack and micro HDMI even for broadcast on a TV – it embeds 16 GB (12.6 GB available for storage). In the no card reader, it is not possible to extend physical memory. The user is however, a free online space 5 GB (Cloud Drive) to store personal documents. The most demanding users can rent additional space (from 20 GB for 8 euros per year) or buy the 32 GB model for $ 50 more (249 euros). Books and music purchased from Amazon (including from a computer) are, themselves, life kept on the servers of Amazon and available for download at any time.

A screen and speakers uncommon

Amazon has paid particular attention to the screen of the Kindle Fire HD tablet, which has both a good brightness and excellent contrast. Thanks to IPS technology, viewing angles are wide. To complete the ensemble, the manufacturer has decorated the screen of a polarizing filter and anti-reflective technology efficiently. As for the definition, it is among the best format (7 inches) with 1280 x 800 pixels. Effects of these technical choices check a glance: the screen of the Kindle Fire HD really come lot of its display quality. Amazon has also treated the speakers on the back of the tablet. Equipped with Dolby audio technology, they provide a powerful and excellent quality. In contrast, the Fire lacks HD camera, it only has a webcam, can shoot high-definition (HD 720p) for video calls with apps like Skype.

Android is discreet on Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire HD works with one of the latest versions of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0). However no obvious trace of the Google OS in the tablet menus, including the informed user. Services and applications Google has systematically replaced by those Amazon app store and web browsers included. The interface has been completely redesigned for greater public use and settings have been limited or simplified. Games, Applications, Books, Music … each major section contains the same pattern, dividing into two parts: one giving access to content stored in the cloud (free or paid downloads made on, the other with those stored in the internal memory of the tablet. With a powerful processor (1.2 Ghz dual core) and a part well optimized software, the menu navigation is fluid. The tablet is then, and this is a good surprise, pleasant or comfortable use with its screen. Better yet, the battery life is excellent with over 7 h 30 surfing on Wi-Fi and 8 hours of video playback.

Amazon stores all floors

The only real fault of the tablet, it is ultimately the ubiquity of Amazon and its online stores in every corner. The user may be bored. The manufacturer introduced its new aircraft even the passage of advertisements on the screensaver. These are limited to the promotion of content or Kindle Fire accessories and only when the tablet is not used. Nevertheless, resistant to this kind of process will be charged with the purchase of 15 euros extra to get their hands on their screen saver. Amazon’s platform provided of 20 million music tracks. For video, it will settle its own files (with a drive that is limited to major formats, MP4 and MKV) in the absence of a platform for buying or renting movies. Finally, downloadable applications are limited for the moment to a selection (validated by Amazon) Play the Google Store. The main games and programs popular with surfers are however widely represented.

The verdict

Amazon has successfully moved into the area of tablets with the Kindle Fire HD, a successful model and autonomous distinguished by a screen and speakers excellent workmanship. The lack of a memory card reader or camera makes it lose some points, but simple and comfortable operation coupled with an affordable price (199 euros), outweigh these shortcomings. Android lovers spend their way: Google services and settings menus are totally absent. Finally, the ubiquitous shops in the Amazon tablet will not please everyone.

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