Amazon Kindle reader with built-in lighting: Specs & Features

Rumors that the Kindle works on the new reader with built-in lighting, first appeared in April of this year, and after a few days, one of the competitors, Barnes & Noble, presented its own commercial product with such functionality – NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight. From then on Amazon was not heard, but gradually the veil of secrecy is being reopened – Amazon Kindle reader.


In particular, information resource The Verge has received from its own anonymous sources data and images of the future Amazon Kindle reader with built-in lighting. The shape and layout of the controls, it remained the same as the Kindle Touch with the exception that the frame around the display was dark, and the center button has disappeared. About the name of the product while it is not known, although the source is a word often glimpsed as Amazon Paperwhite.

Amazon Kindle reader
Among the features of the display stand with increased contrast ratio, high resolution and built-in lighting. It is possible that the Amazon Kindle reader device uses E Ink electronic paper a new generation that will replace the popular Pearl, used in the Kindle since the third-generation devices. In addition, even with the occasional use of light, the reader will be able to work in offline mode for up to eight weeks. The price and release date news of this new Amazon Kindle reader or Amazon Paperwhite reader is not yet reported.

This was all regarding Amazon Kindle reader, so stay tuned for updates and soon from Amazon we can hear it.

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