Amazon preparing its own Android smartphone with Foxconn

Amazon would work to create its own Amazon smartphone. This time, Bloomberg is saying that.

Amazon smartphone

After giving the body to rumors of a mini iPad during the week, Bloomberg has just offered more substance than the creation of a smartphone designed by Amazon. giant online distribution, which experienced a runaway success with its brief but Kindle Fire in late last year, work with Foxconn to design an Android device. Moreover, according to the American group specialized in financial markets and economic information, Amazon seeks to complement its mobile strategy by buying patents relating to various wireless technologies. But not especially innovative but to protect themselves from possible attacks in violation of patents. In a context where the services offered weigh quite heavily in choosing a brand or model of smartphone, Amazon and its full range of content could have a card to play on a high growth market and colossal size: about 145 million smartphones were sold in the first quarter of 2012, according to research firm IDC. So, let’s wait and watch that they would be really Amazon Smartphone after few months or not.

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