AMD confirms new FX processors ‘Vishera’

A leaked document has confirmed the microprocessor for desktop FX-8350, new top model that aims to improve current Bulldozer increase its overall performance by 20 percent.

AMD Vishera

The AMD Vishera come in response to lower than expected performance of the Bulldozer, in some sections as single-thread and cache.

The variant will remain a development of 32 nm, with eight processor cores and 16 Mbytes of native cache, but with architectural enhancements, new instructions and higher clock frequency: 4 GHz base expanded to 4.2 GHz using TurboCore and further by overclocking techniques, facilitated by the multiplier unlocked. TDP consumption of FX-8350 would fall, 125 watts.

AMD Vishera

The document, leaked by a retailer, also confirms the new Trinity APU desktop for socket FM2 models A10-5700, A8-5500, A6-5400 and A6-5300.

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