AMD FX-8350 to 8.176 GHz with eight cores enabled | world’s fastest processor

The AMD FX-8350 processor, top model of the new series of microprocessors AMD Vishera FX, has broken all records of working frequency confirming it’s over clocking potential. Its overclocking has taken this AMD FX-8350 processor to the crown of world’s fastest processor 2012.

AMD FX-8350

This processor was tested to feel an impressive feat for which used a motherboard ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z and Samsung memory RAM.

Obviously in the test a cooling system was required and it was based on liquid nitrogen which not available to anyone but showing the great power of these FX-Vishera (with serial unlocked multiplier), since the operating frequency above 8 GHz was achieved with the eight cores enabled.

We can say, in upcoming years we will see ultra fast processors in our laptops and desktop solutions. This AMD Vishera FX series is really promising, this series also featuring few moderate processors as compare to this super fast AMD FX-8350 processor.

AMD FX-8350

This was all regarding the recently revealed AMD Vishera FX series processors, more specifically world’s fastest processor AMD FX-8350; stay tuned for more updates regarding this processor.

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