AMD FX APU and Phenom II processors prices dropped

AMD continues to use the gun charge against Intel and updated prices for its microprocessors for desktops that provide rebates for 27 models APU Llano, Bulldozer and the top-end Phenom II K10 series.

Phenom II

The new prices will take effect on August 27 morning reportedly even take slightly longer to move to the retail channel.

All indications commercial position before the arrival of the new Trinity APU and the second generation of the Bulldozer FX.


To highlight the 20 percent cut of the Phenom II X4 955 and 965 and the A6-3670K APU. Competing designs at a great price and with a dedicated graphics of the firm, also recently lowered the price and the very low current price of RAM can build a cpu very midrange in price and performance.

This was all regarding the new regarding AMD APU and Phenom II processor price dropped, it could be a great news for you if you are looking for buying any of the AMD processor listed here.

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