AMD gives games packs of up to $170 with its Radeon HD 7000 Graphics Card

AMD just announced new bundles of games – Never Settle – with their graphic cards of line AMD Radeon HD 7000 GPU. Packs are chosen according to the graphic color and include games via Steam as FarCry 3, Hitmat: Absolution, Sleeping Dogs, Hitman: Ascension and a coupon for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. These all games are one of those most promising games of the present game world.

Radeon HD 7000

This promotion is valid with the purchase of any Radeon HD 79 × 0, Radeon HD 78 × 0, 77 × 0 and Radeon valid throughout the sale period between now and when they finish Christmas. You can choose games according to according to the following table:

Radeon HD 7000

Well what we can say regarding this, it’s a Christmas present from the AMD to all the game lovers and fans, so if you will buy AMD Radeon HD 7000 family graphics card then you will get along most favourite games.

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