AMD Opteron 3350 and Opteron 3300: Specs & Features

AMD has introduced new generation of microprocessor AMD Opteron 3350 and AMD Opteron 3300, aimed at entry-level in servers, but with prices of consumption patterns.

AMD Opteron 3350
Processors AMD Opteron 3350 and AMD Opteron 3300 are made of 32-nanometer process technology to be installed in single socket plates and under architecture ‘Piledriver’, the same of the Trinity APU for desktop computers and laptops.
Can include up to eight processing cores and native frequencies up to 3.4 GHz, with consumption patterns as low as 35 and 25 watts TDP respectively. HyperTransport links support two x16 and two memory to 1866 MHz, AMD Opteron 4300 support up to six memory modules for a total of 192 GB while the AMD Opteron 3300 can support up to four DIMMs for a maximum of 32 Gbytes.

To highlight the AMD Opteron 3350, a quad core with 8 Mbytes of cache third level, working frequencies up to 3.8 GHz and a TDP of 45 watts and a price tag of $ 125, ideal for mounting a home server for storage print, Web or FTP, or just for testing and learning.

The new Opteron support Windows and Linux operating systems or hypervisors from Citrix, Microsoft, Red Hat and VMware. This was all regarding the new home server processors AMD Opteron 3350 and AMD Opteron 3300, stay tuned for more information.

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