AMD prepared to release three processors in the performance of Athlon II FM2

It has been revealed that AMD is prepared to release three new desktop processors in the line of Athlon II, which will get the CPU performance of FM2. It should be noted that the model number of the company already has several solutions Athlon II family of Llano, but the performance of FM1.

AMD Athlon II X4 FM2

According to information announced by all the new items are quad-core solutions Athlon II X4. However, their graphics engine is not available. The devices are produced at rates of 32-nanometer manufacturing process. The most available and least productive solution is a model of Athlon II X4-730.

It’s computing kernel running at 2.8 GHz. This chip has 4 MB of cache. For it, value of the exponent of power dissipation expressed at the level of 65 watts. CPU Athlon II X4-740 boasts increased up to 3.2 GHz operating frequency, and the rest of its specifications identical to those of younger model. The most productive of new products is a device Athlon II X4-750K. In this case, the operating frequency is set at around 3.4 GHz. In this case also used 4 MB of cache, but the value of the exponent of power dissipation is increased to 100 watts. A feature of this model is the unlocked multiplier, which is intended to facilitate the process of self-acceleration chip users.

Information on the timing of the start of sales and the level recommended retail prices for new processors AMD Athlon II in the performance of FM2 is not yet reported.


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