AMD Radeon RAMDisk: Specs & Features

AMD just announced officially and free trial AMD Radeon RAMDisk. This is an application along with the new line Trinity APUs can significantly improve the performance of your computer.

AMD Radeon RAMDisk

In what could be called as the next step of the SSD over HD, AMD raises the possibility of more cache files used by the operating system into memory RAM, really fast.

This will get partially replace the use of readings from the storage device and providing some data rates up to 25.6 Gbytes / s with the use of DDR3-1600 RAM. With faster memories, it would get better numbers.

AMD Radeon RAMDisk

Obviously depending on the size of RAM on your computer system may be efficient or not, but in sets of 8 Gbytes with a unit AMD Radeon RAMDisk 4 Gbytes of the results are more than remarkable / AMD memory if you can create discs to 6GB. When the trial period ends you can get a license for $ 19. This was all regarding the AMD Radeon RAMDisk, stay tuned for more updates regarding new arrival from AMD.

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