AMD Virgo (Trinity) APUs: Review & Specs

The new line of APUs AMD 2012 includes AMD Virgo (Trinity) APUs. With this new line meets the demand for chips with integrated powerful GPU enough to run 3D games and accelerate applications via OpenCL at an affordable price.

AMD Virgo

Technical Specs:

Manufacturer: AMD
Model: A-Series 2nd gen
Price: From 54 €.
Up to 4 CPU cores and GPU.
Memory: L2 cache 2Mbytes per two cores.
Frequency: Up to 4.2 GHz

AMD has its hand in the game card against Intel, the latter has the best cards but AMD knows the needs of users and therefore very competitive launches products at affordable prices, something that is appreciated, especially in these times of crisis they run.

One of the AMD Virgo APUs is the higher-end AMD A10-5800 and has left a good impression, the best existing FM2 platform for dramatically improving the performance of the AMD Llano APUs (Socket FM1).

Platforms FM2:

AMD Virgo

Technical features of the new A-Series line AMD Virgo:
– New architecture Piledriver with up to 4 cores with final instructions including FMA4 ISA / 3 and AVX, and XOP AES.

• Improved prediction routines and on the Bulldozer architecture cache and 2 MB of L2 cache per dual-core module.
• Turbo Mode up to 4.2 GHz
• Configurable via AMD OverDrive

• VLIW architecture 4
• Up to 384 shaders
• Up to 800 MHz
• Until 8xAA and 16xAF
• Controllable via AMD OverDrive with DX11 support
AMD Turbo Core 3.0
• Add both GPU frequency as CPU as needed (so bidirectional)

• Encoding and decoding video hardware
• AMD Perfect Picture, picture postprocessing technology HD

Support for new display technologies
• AMD Eyefinity monitors support DisplayPort 1.2 and 3 +1

This new AMD Virgo processor meets the needs of most users, but we do not want anyone to feel cheated. Intel processors outperform the CPU in these chips, AMD actually in its guide analysis leads us to see how this chip multithreaded tasks can happen to a Core i3 Sandy / Ivy Bridge, as you can see the basic range of the latest generation of Intel.

We can only applaud the graphics performance of the chip as it allows a user to run demanding titles at rates playable framerate. In addition, AMD enables users to demonstrate a dual GPU configuration, if we connect in a PCIe slot Radeon HD 6570 / Radeon HD 6670, and priced midrange dramatically improving performance and ability to apply filters of all kinds maintaining the type games.

CPU Performance

AMD Virgo
The new AMD Virgo APUs (codenamed Trinity) offer remarkable performance in multithreaded tasks while also improving the performance of the previous generation monofilament of Llano APUs, however fails to Core i3 CPUs in this field.
GPU Performance

In absolute terms the performance of integrated graphics, we need to note that depending on the system RAM, computer performance varies.

The operating frequency of the DDR3 memory is critical and causes you to gain up to 10-12 fps if we talk about the way memory at 1333 MHz to 1866 MHz with a course to use memory and faster 2133 MHz system improvement will be more accused.

Prices and conclusions

AMD Virgo
AMD has created a chip designed for the general public and popular priced to yield more than enough for most users. Only gamers and demanding users need to jump into the skill to make that extra CPU performance contributed by the Core i5 and Core i7 Ivy Bridge.

Prices of AMD Virgo:
A10-5700 / A10-5800K = € 119.90
A8-5600K = € 99.90
A6-5400K / A8-5500 = € 64.90
A4-5300 = € 52.90

The pricing of AMD and Intel heavily far, decant the balance point in most cases to AMD Virgo, Trinity APUs.

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