AMD Z60 hybrid processor for tablets and compact computers: Specs & Features

AMD has announced a new cost-effective hybrid processor APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) AMD Z60, which is designed for use in the productive tablet and small form factor computer. AMD Z60 As the producer announced, processor AMD Z60 is the most economical in the range of available APU. It provides the ability to create tablets that can work offline on all day. The form factor of the tablet provides a thickness of 10 mm. In particular, boards based on this chip will be able to work up to 8 hours of web surfing or up to 6 hours of high-definition videos. AMD Z60 Processor AMD Z60 includes two processing cores, 1 MB cache in the second level, an integrated memory controller and integrated graphics Radeon HD 6250. The graphics core, in turn, contains 80 stream processors. It offers support for Direct X 11, and the capability to play video in Full HD resolution. The value of the power dissipation of new products announced at 4.5 Tues To other features announced include support chip technology AMD Start Now, designed to speed up the system boot and out of sleep mode. AMD Z60 The new processor AMD Z60 will hit the market later this year after the release of the operating system Windows 8 and this processor will be seen in the upcoming Windows 8 tablets and hybrid PCs, so stay tuned for more updates regarding this hybrid processor.

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