Android 4.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy SII, SIII, Note 2 and Note will appear in 3-4 quarter

Samsung produces some of the most technically advanced Android-devices, but with the update of the software, company is not usually in a hurry. Naturally, with the release of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean have a question, and when the Korean electronics giant will release the software on the platform for its latest products. Judging by the information resource Android Cop from left to wait months or longer.

Jelly Bean update for Samsung Smartphones

So now the company is actively developing and testing new software Android Jelly Bean update for devices such as Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and has not yet released Galaxy Note 2. According to anonymous sources Android Cop, it is best to have the company’s flagship business, for which the pre-flash-based Jelly Bean passed all the tests and now the team is actively working on the public version. The release will take place late in the third quarter of this year or early in the fourth.
“Old man” Galaxy SII so far only tested for compatibility with the Jelly Bean, and does so quite successfully. The final decision on the issue of renovation is still in question. If the release takes place not earlier than the fourth quarter of this year, Jelly Bean update for Samsung Flagship smartphone is really good news for its fans.


Similarly, the situation is with the Galaxy Note, that is, until the base is only a test and have a plan to release the firmware in the fourth quarter. With the Galaxy Note 2 is somewhat more complicated. Sources say that it all depends on when Samsung decides to release a new machine. If you do so hurry up to release the next generation iPhone, it will offer only Android ICS. Stay tuned for more update regarding Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S II, S III and Galaxy Note.

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