Android Jelly Bean ROMs for Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3

Today Google has just released the source code of Jelly Bean, which means the green light for developers and companies are put to work to adapt the 4.1 and make the ROMs, whether at official and unofficial. However, the Android community had already started and before the new code took out the version that was taken out of the Nexus Galaxy gave away at the Google I / O and then distributed primarily to One adaptation to HTC X. Today we introduce Android Area the second batch of ROMs, which will be dedicated to the main range of Samsung Galaxy.

Jelly Bean ROM

These ROMs are have Alpha version, which indicates that they are in a very early development state, so many important features do not work, but if you like is to try and can not wait to have Jelly Bean in your hands we leave the most important current ROMs always hand XDA .

Galaxy S:

Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S

Who does not have this phone?, The most popular Android Smartphones keep holding on despite the lack of confidence in the performance by the company that developed it.

Samsung will upgrade or not matters little to us is that if it got ICS stable even though the phone is officially stuck in Gingerbread, Jelly Bean does not go the other way and we have here the first 4.1 ROM dedicated to this device.

Official thread on XDA and download. 

Galaxy S II:

Jelly Bean ROM for S II

If you know Ice Cream Sandwich by little and want to try another sweet, here Jelly Bean this port for your Galaxy SII lacking important features that even shows all the potential that the 4.1 can develop in your Super Galaxy S II.

Official thread on XDA and download. 

Galaxy S III

Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S III

You are one of the lucky ones who has acquired a SIII, it is well and want to prove that this combination one of the best smartphones on the current scene of Android and the new version of Google, do not waste time with the power of this phone should Jelly Bean be another reality.

Official thread on XDA and download.

As noted earlier versions are in a very early stage of development, but it is also true that the speed at which the bug fix and new features are incorporated is very fast, to which is added the source code acquisition Jelly Bean full released today by Google, which will have the full version in order to develop the ROMs with more resources, we anticipate a new wave of ROMs for even more devices. So if you have a terminal that is not among those we have mentioned, still connected to Android Area which will bring the new community on Android ROMs, devices, apps and more.

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