Android turns 4 years old

Four years ago was born the first mobile terminal with a new operating system, with a logo of a robot that aroused interest in novice and expert users, yesterday Google Android Turns 4 years old. We are talking about the smartphone HTC Dream arrived in Spain exclusively for Movistar. From then until now Android has only to grab market share and achieve remarkable success in the sector.

Android 4th Birthday
In 2005, Google bought a small California company, whose name was Android. Since then the company allocated resources to this industry and showed unconditional support to the development of a mobile platform with which to grow.
Figures like Andy Rubin, vice president of engineering in Google, supported this development. Among the decisions made back then was to use an open operating system based on Linux, which in part has been key to the success of Android.
Another key to the success of Android was the creation of the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of companies to develop mobile standards. LG, Samsung, Qualcomm and Motorola, who is now, part of Google.
In 2008 came to market and one month before launch, Google released the SDK so that developers could plan for it. We “Techjailbreak” warmly congratulate the Google for 4th Birthday of Google Android.

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