AOC myPlay i2757Fm IPS-monitor with MHL-enabled interface: Specs & Features

The AOC announced the launch of a new model of a computer monitor, which can also be used to connect mobile devices. In this case we are talking about AOC myPlay.

AOC myPlay i2757Fm

Introduced new product, will be called AOC myPlay (i2757Fm), based on a matrix of IPS, which provides a high quality image and wide viewing angles. This model has a screen size of 27 inches and supports Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It is equipped with a LED backlight system, which contributes to the high contrast and low power consumption. As a result, the maximum static contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a maximum value of dynamic contrast stated at 20000000:1. The maximum brightness of this IPS monitor is 250 cd/m2. Response times are at 5 ms. To connect the signal sources to monitor AOC myPlay available are two HDMI ports and one connector D-sub.

The device also has the support of interface MHL, which allows you to connect to a monitor compatible smartphones and tablets running Android. MHL interface transmits high definition video (1080p) and digital audio signals miro-USB/HDMI cable. The monitor allows you to see on the big screen any content, which can operate on mobile devices: web-sites, Youtube clips and videos of other formats, photos, office documents. Moreover, users can manage their MHL-compatible portable devices with a standard television (DTV) console. Also be possible battery charging mobile devices when you connect them to the monitor.

Manufacturer is not specified starting date and the amount of sales of the recommended retail price of the monitor AOC myPlay i2757Fm is also not yet revealed.

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