Apple A6 has a triple-core GPU – iPhone 5

The chip Apple A6, heart of the popular iPhone 5, has a great performance not only both on the CPU but also the GPU. The SoC is a mystery to the general public and that Apple has not confirmed specifications, but gradually they get to know more specification about this Apple A6 chip that is integrated in Apple iPhone 5.

Apple A6

At first it was thought that Apple would integrate ARM Cortex A15, but it seems that finally has been in Cortex A9 with characteristics of future Cortex A15.

The graphics is one of the strengths of the chip as it uses PowerVR SGX543MP3, which has three cores-design-rare in this market. In theory Apple has opted for this configuration because the graphics chip in Apple A5X, PowerVR SGX543MP4, which carries much higher energy expenditure.

Apple A6 iPhone 5

Moreover, iPhone 5 boasts a dual channel memory controller to 1,066 MHz, at present everyday new facts about new generation iPhone 5 is coming out, till now according to present reviews if you are thinking to buy this new iPhone 5 then it would not be a wrong decision but it has been rumoured other high end brands are working on something big which could cut the sales of iPhone 5, the latest rumor about Samsung Galaxy S IV, which will reach to market in mid 2013 but there is no guarantee, now it seems Galaxy S III is losing its taste now times come for iPhone 5.

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