Apple allocated to research in 2012, $ 3.4 billion, but the competitors are spending more

At Apple’s annual report to the SEC (Security Exchange Commission, SEC) were published data was not included in its quarterly reports. For example, it became clear that in the research and development the company has spent $ 3.4 billion this year, while in the past it has spent $ 2.4 billion although a percentage of sales, these expenses have not increased and amounted to 2%, which is not surprising given the increase in quarterly financial performance. During the year saw an increase in revenue of 45% in comparison with 2011 (up to $ 156 billion). An interesting fact is that the competitors are spending on research is much more money. For example, Google and Microsoft take up to 15% of revenue in this area.


Apple consumption in research and development is increased by hiring new employees. The company did not say exactly how many researchers to join it, but there are general figures on the number of permanent staff. For the year 60,400 people team has increases up to 72,800. In addition, during the year the company expanded its retail and office space from 1.2 million square meters to 1.61 million square meters, and has branded retail stores to 33 more. In general, the area of land holdings Apple for the year increased from 236.3 ha to 435.8 ha.

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