Apple and HTC have signed a peace treaty for ten years

Apple and HTC have reached a global agreement on patents and licenses signed a contract for the next ten years ending their disputes in this area.

HTC vs Apple

Although some media opt for payment of a sum of money from HTC to Apple, not officially know the specific terms of this agreement by surprise, which ends the first lawsuit of Apple against a producer of Android, filed in 2010.

A war that has continued against other producers culminated with multimillion Samsung sentence but still ongoing with claims and counterclaims worldwide.

Not against HTC, although recently its president ruled out a deal with Apple noting that his company has already designed the first touch and wireless mobile devices in 1998, marketed under its own brand or other companies.

It is not known whether this agreement reaches the next decade and includes current and future patents, may be a prelude to a comprehensive agreement with other Apple & Android manufacturers, to close the current patent war of mobile device.

This was all about the agreement between HTC and Apple, stay tuned for more updates.

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