Apple App Store has started work in Ukraine and will be available to 32 more countries soon

Less than four years since the launch of mobile applications store Apple App Store in U.S. and Europe, and later in Russia, now got to the Ukraine. It was announced in WWDC 2012 and now it is available.


At the developer’s conference, Tim Cook, CEO Apple has promised that by the end of this month Apple App Store will reach to in 32 countries, among which was, and Ukraine. Starting, in fact, occurred on 21 June, but more or less functional regional section App Store was only on June 22, that is, today.
Unlike Google Play, where prices are quoted in local currency, in the Ukrainian section of App Store value of the products indicated in U.S. dollars, although this is not surprising. In Russia’s App Store is the same situation.


It should be noted that at the official site of Apple already has information about conditions of sale applications, and App Store works in Ukraine. In particular stores Mac App Store, App Store and iBookstore accept credit cards issued by banks in Ukraine, and the total cost includes the price of the application and VAT, if applicable. By the way, before, during registration in Russia’s App Store and use several credit cards of Ukrainian banks, the problems with payment, too, did not arise, which verified through personal experience.


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