Apple could be working on an iPad 4 with screen 16:9

According to information revealed by the analyst Paul Miller, it seems that Apple is bet on the widescreen in the new generation of iPad 4. The source of this new filter are three people “very close to Apple” that would have seen prototypes of the new iPad 4 with a 16:9 screen. But it would be difficult to say that iPad Mini would be featuring 16:9 aspect ratio.

iPad 4

“I’ve been talking to three people close to Apple and I have confirmed that there are prototypes of iPad with 16:9 screen. Actually, I have not heard much more about the iPad in April, but it seems that Apple is no longer against widescreen devices, as shown by the latest iPhone. My sources do not know anything about an iPad Mini in the short term” said Muller on

Well, this is good news for Apple fans those are waiting for a wide screen tablet from Apple. As per the present market, wide screen 16:9 displays are considered better (ideal for consuming multimedia content). But nothing can be confirmed without the official announcement of next generation iPad 4 from the Apple and for the official announcement you should wait for the next year.

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