Apple handles 10 million iPad Mini, says WSJ

Apple does not want to be outdone by the launch of its next big thing and has commissioned the production of ten million units of the iPad Mini, reports The Wall Street Journal, means, as you know, with direct line in Cupertino.

iPad Mini

There are few units. More when you consider that they would be the potential sales for just over two months since its availability in late October and after Apple iPad Mini presentation on October 17.

All informal because Apple has not confirmed the development of this electronic tablet size and low cost, but are so many different sources that confirm that the media focus on discovering and coming to market not if, but when and how .

Apple iPad mini specifications still we’ve told on countless occasions. Basically it is a model that will have lower the resolution and screen size from previous iPads, also its hardware performance and especially its price, around $ 250 in its basic version.

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