Apple iPhone 5 all you need to know: A Review

The iPhone 5 shows the talent of Apple to design a consumer product at high quality, combining both extensive research design and integration of advanced elements. However, the iPhone 5 is also a way to confront a reality. Direct consequence, the iPhone 5 is gorgeous, but it changes little functionally speaking.


iPhone 5

With iPhone 5, Apple has edited, polished, and refined the design unveiled two years ago with the iPhone 4. If we talk about the weight which is now 28 grams less than previous iPhone and it’s nice. A sensation that enhances the visual impression of finesse. Especially since the 4-inch screen – 3.5 inch original farewell – extends the housing without changing the grip. Apple is a recipe that works and improves without change, without losing its users without breaking the alchemy that made the success of its smartphones. It also satisfies a need that of a 16:9 screen, Retina always offering more comfort and visual display space. Example, the home page displays an additional row of icons. You can read more content on a Web page without scrolling text and films are no longer framed by black bars but spread in full screen.

Especially Apple, developing a technology that makes the surface of a touchpad display makes the screen thinner but also brighter, more contrasted, with enhanced color saturation. The photos are, hence, more flattering.


The picture honor

Aware that smartphones are positioned increasingly as direct competitors compact cameras, Apple has improved the picture, gives side while maintaining a sensor 8 megapixel backlit. For this it has worked on the shadows. The noise is slightly reduced and the HDR function, while causing some unavoidable aberrations related to its operation, leads perfectly shaded areas or poorly exposed. The emergence of integrated Panorama function allows to get rid of some applications they have adopted for this purpose. Basic but easy to take in hand, it guides you to tell you if you turn too fast or if you spread too a horizontal axis. Panoramas, which can weigh up to 28 MB are quite detailed and well exposed, while covering an angle of 240 °, and are generated on the fly … The camera also adapts very quickly to phase autofocus, even fast switching to macro mode when trying to make development less than ten centimeters. Qualitatively speaking, the iPhone 4S beat the S III, the iPhone 5 is therefore a step in the direction of victory on this point.
Always with a view to put forward pictures and easy sharing, iOS 6 introduces the RSS function of shared photos. This is from a device running iOS 6 share one or more photos with one or more friends.
iOS 6, follow the road …

With this sixth version of its mobile operating system, Apple does not take a risk. And it was nice looking, it does not seem to introduce major innovations, with the exception of Plans and navigation system. It is comparable in terms of responsiveness and efficiency in a standalone GPS, if not it does not take into account the danger areas and other points of interest (POI). However, the guidance for the conduct is accurate and adapts immediately to the case where the driver would have taken a wrong turn. Only concern in using the 3G connection, Wi-Fi positioning and aGPS chip, this function kneels the iPhone battery in about 3h/3h30 ….

Another new feature in Maps, Flyover, is impressive but is more of a gadget. It can fly over cities in the world in 3D.

New iPhone 5 has improved support for disabled people, a “Do Not Disturb” to avoid invasive notifications night Store of redesigned to highlight the visual and profit from the purchase of Chomp, a browser, Safari, slightly redesigned, improved Mail client, etc..

Indeed a significant difference in the evolution rate between Android and iOS even if it still has the advantage in terms of homogeneity of experience and operational stability. Besides the power of the App Store and its 700,000 applications.
Power and autonomy

To animate this 4-inch screen of iPhone 5, the new OS and applications that will frolic, the Cupertino company has developed a new chip, the Apple A6. The various tests have shown that it provides a real power gain, broadly consistent with what has been announced Apple. With Linpack, which measures the raw computing power, the iPhone is simply five times better than its direct predecessor. Geekbench, it displays results twice as high as those obtained with the iPhone 4S. Pawamark out performance in the same vein for the graphics, especially for rendering complex 3D graphics (based on shaders and vertex). Apple clearly understood that users liked to play on its terminal – and that games are a significant part of the application on the App Store – and it gives this iPhone 5 with enough power to enjoy. Enough to beat (almost) all Android smartphones released in recent months.

Nevertheless, the smoothness of the combined housing in iPhone 5 to gain power leads to a relatively disappointing autonomy. Not so much compared to that obtained with the iPhone 4S, but compared to the same tests displayed by the Galaxy S III. To believe that the chip 3G/4G LTE iPhone is really energy consuming …

But beyond testing “theoretical” to use, confronted daily iPhone 5 should allow you to take a day if you Rely moderate surfing, email, music and applications. However, any intensive use will require you to go through a refill during the day …
Two absences, excused or justified …

If you could dream about the presence of an NFC chip, the franchise wants us confess that it was more in hope off this technology uses well integrated because these practices already exist. Apple could be at the origin of a pulse, because as long as there will not be many compatible devices, the technology will not flourish and so it will not take its rise, the number compatible terminals will be reduced. But in fact, today, the NFC does not always unanimous. Even though Samsung has made this technology a selling point for its Galaxy S III at the last Olympics and Sony likes to make the demonstration.

Regrettably just to have believed, and announced the presence of the application Passbook to manage, thanks to geolocation and schedules, including coupons and electronic tickets, gave hope that the NFC would be the game.

At first, Apple introduced its iPhone 5 as compatible 4G LTE throughout the world, before explaining its statements indicating that only a few countries via some operators could benefit.

The fact that the iPhone 5 is compatible with the 3G + (HSPA +) provides a consolation. Obviously, it must be in an area covered by an antenna compatible, but this technology, at least, is already deployed in many countries. As the Galaxy S3 and many others, the iPhone 5 opts the existing connection.
Connector and headphone

The new connector has done much about iPhone 5. Will it despite the adapter sold separately, compatible with all dock connector 30 pins used so far? Having put its hand to the pocket may cringe. Sure. And some will point to the recurring Apple to choose its own technology when a standard exists, namely the microUSB. However, this connection has two characteristics prohibitive. The first, microUSB can transfer data but not allow playback of video or music, the old connector that Apple was … The second, microUSB would not supply enough current for fast charging of a iPad. Therefore, it is hard to choose an Apple connector type for the iPhone and one for the tablet … However, the price of the adapter 29 or 39 euros is a bit salty.

The verdict

Arrived at few markets, the iPhone 5 is obviously a good terminal. The best iPhone ever released, without a shadow of a doubt. One of the best smartphones today, if not the best, both in terms of performance and ergonomics, autonomy despite the feeble light of the latest “standards”. A good choice for those who already uses an older iPhone or wishes to own a smartphone at the same time with better design, performance and rich applications. However, on closer look, it seems a long time since the iPhone was pulling the market towards innovation. This was regarding the latest Apple iPhone 5, stay tuned for more updates regarding this phone of the year.

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