Apple iPhone 5: Complete Review and its Performance

On, September 21 in seven countries Apple started selling the new generation Apple iPhone 5. Today on 23rd September we are here with the complete review of this next generation iPhone and we are eager to share its experiences with our readers.


Design and Ergonomics of Apple iPhone 5:

iPhone 5


Contrary to rumors, the amount of soft key on the front panel remains unchanged. But the location of the front camera has been revised. Now it is installed over the speaker, exchanging places with the light sensor and proximity. The following changes were made design and elements of the lower end. First, there is a headphone jack. Second, the grid disappeared from speaker and microphone. Instead of small grids located in the recess, there is a small hole, the number of which clearly hints at where the speaker is located, and where the microphone. But the most important and far-not a pleasant novelty for owners of accessories – a new type of connector – Lightning, which means “lightning.” This name was due to the connector substantially increase the data rate on the new interface, to the same connector, up to 80% less than the old 30-pin, which is not physically able to place in such a thin body.


Now, if we talk about the size of this phone. The width of iPhone 5 is 7.6 mm compared to 9.3 mm at the 4S, and length of 124 mm to 115 mm, respectively. Now the smartphone is equipped with IPS-matrix with diagonal 4″.


Previously placed on the top, moved the microphone to the camera. The SIM-card was in the same place, but changed the format of cards. Now it is not micro-SIM, a nano-SIM. You can get this by cutting the ordinary SIM card, provided that it is a new SIM with a regular arrangement of contacts. The second option is to wait for the appearance of the operators.


There are changes on the back of the smartphone. Now iPhone 5 is not covered by ceramic glass, although it is present on the edges of the housing and anodized aluminium, in exactly the same way as in laptops Apple. Now it has more wear-resistant aluminium will be seen. It is interesting that, depending on the color of the body, are different materials used. So in the white version of the top and bottom of the glass ceramic is used, while in the black – pigmented glass.


Few sources can already be found on web, in the complaint gets scratched in the black version of the case. It was noted by all the leading publication, so soon Apple will have to explain why they made such a blunder. Most interesting is that there are no scratches on the back or side walls, where sooner or later, they still are, and bevelled edges in the case.


Finally, a few words on camera, and if we talk about the glass covering the lens, first this is not an ordinary glass, sapphire, which is the degree of scratch resistance second only to diamond. Second, transparency somewhat above the sapphire glass, which should help to get the best photos.


Impressions of the housing of Apple iPhone 5:

iPhone 5

When all the nuances of construction of the shell of the new iPhone 5, it can be said that the smartphone has turned much more practical legacy. Here, you will find ceramics and sapphire, and aluminium and mineral glass. It turns out that for the same price (for the U.S.), buyers offer higher-quality product. Clearly only one thing, why would resort to such radical changes without testing, as these materials will show themselves in the wild. And as we know, this Apple iPhone 5 have serious problems, at least in the black case.


Regarding weight iPhone 5 smartphone cannot be called Air. Yes, it has become lighter, but taking it in hand you will feel exactly what you get. But what at first you will be confused, because it is thin and elongated body. These two parameters give the illusion of a toy.


Interface and Software of Apple iPhone 5:


The new iPhone 5 was the first Apple device running Apple iOS 6 out of the box. Increase the screen resolution does not give any advantage to iPhone 5. Therefore, we recommend that you should wait for video overview of the smartphone, where you can see the speed of the interface, and the differences between the Apple iPhone 4S and iPhone 5




Relation to the characteristics of Apple iPhone 5 is like attitude to Rolls Royce cars. The user need not know what’s inside his phone, more importantly, that these “internal” enough for smooth interface to start the game with a hitherto unprecedented level of graphics.


Nevertheless, we cannot afford not to talk about what is hidden inside. And let us start from the most important – the processor. Apple is in its development since two years. Yes, yes, that is how much time is needed in order to implement the new development. In fact, the Apple iPhone 5 processor is a lot of other elements on a single chip. All of this is a system-on-chip (System On Chip – SoC). System-on-a-chip is manufactured on 32 nm process technology and includes a dual-core processor architecture ARMv7s clocked at 750 MHz to 1.2 GHz, GPU PowerVR SGX543MP3 (the latter figure represents the number of cores) with a frequency of 266 MHz and 1 GB of dual channel memory.


This was enough to re-take the lead line benchmark, being on a par with Apple the New iPad (A5x with GPU PowerVR SGX543MP2), and LG Optimus G (Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro). Despite the fact that for a period of time, LG managed to rise to unprecedented heights for the company, we all know that the same applications will be better optimized for the device Apple. Therefore, we definitely recommend the Apple iPhone 5 for those planning to use a smartphone to complete, including playing games, the graphics are already equal to the console. But the most lasting impression on the speed of loading pages in the browser. We literally did not have time to take your finger off the screen after clicking on the link, as the smartphone managed to load the selected page.
In addition to the characteristics of the processor would also like to tell you about the battery of new Apple iPhone 5. In fact, the capacity has not changed. In the iPhone 4/4S, it is 1420 mA / h, whereas the novelty – 1440 mA / h Theoretically, this increase leveled larger screen diagonal, but if you believe those who have already managed to spend a lot of time with the smartphone, running iPhone 5 is at least no worse than its predecessor. In any case, we will try to answer this question in the video review.

Apple iPhone 5

Display of Apple iPhone 5:

The first model had the iPhone screen with a diagonal of 3.5″ and a resolution of 480×320 pixels. Five years ago, it was more than enough. Second and third generation phones Apple inherited the same type of display with the same resolution, and only to the output of the fourth iPhone in Apple decided it was time to change something, to increase the resolution at exactly 4 times and called Retina. It was the best for the time display: IPS matrix with a resolution of 960×640 pixels, pixel density of 326 ppi, no air gap between the glass and the matrix, backlight level from 3 to 410 cd / m ² and a good behavior in bright light. With this trump card, Apple decided not to change anything in the fifth generation iPhone, leaving the same display. But time passed, and beliefs of Steve Jobs that use a device with a screen diagonal of just more practical, because the finger will not reach out to all corners of the screen, are increasingly questioned. The best proof of this is the Android-smartphones with screen diagonals 4.3-5.3″. Apple iPhone 5 is equipped with a display diagonal of 4″. It is smaller than today’s flagships for Windows Phone and Android, but more than the previous five generations of phones Apple. Along with the increase diagonally grown and screen resolution, while retaining characteristics of Retina. The new iPhone was the first commercial smartphone to the display, where the sensor is integrated directly into the very matrix of (in-cell). It is possible to reduce the thickness of the body and improve the image quality by eliminating the additional layer (sensor). In practice, the difference between the displays of Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPhone 5, though small (increased brightness, saturation), but it is impossible not to notice.

As a result, the display quality of Apple iPhone 5 – the best of what we have seen before.


Camera of Apple iPhone 5:

Like the previous model, the sixth generation iPhone is equipped with 8 megapixel camera. Of the differences on paper only the presence of the IR filter, but in practice the difference is noticeable as soon as you start to take pictures. Pictures are stored instantly, just works focus. In the setting of the camera is nothing new, given that iOS 6 is available for earlier models.

Results for Apple iPhone 5:

One can go to talk about the lack of dramatic improvements in the Apple iPhone 5 in comparison to its predecessors, but nothing is said about the success so clear as sales. Only in one hour Apple has sold 2 million units. All over the world there are huge waiting lists, first to evaluate the new model. Well, since this iPhone 5 appears in the stores more quickly it is disappeared. Now question arises should you buy this phone? Should I run to the store for a new smartphone? Yes, if you have never had an iPhone, yes, if you play games and surf the Internet, but if you value compactness and is important to you is not diagonal screen size and quality. Yes Apple miscalculated the housing – it is easily scratched, so navigation does not look in the best way, especially if you compare the current state of Google Maps that are in iOS, but all are well aware, it is a temporary problem that will be solved in no time. Besides you are not forced to use the built-in map, and those who care for the look of the smartphone, have long been aware of the existence of covers, bumpers and other safety devices. If you are not prepared to accept this, wait a bit, for one will be able to save on the purchase and get a guaranteed quality product. This was all about new Apple iPhone 5 smartphone.

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