Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy SIII: A complete comparison

So, here is the complete comparison between Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy SIII, let’s find who is verdict….

We compared the flagship smartphone from Samsung with the new Apple iPhone 5 on eight main points; this comparison will allow you to choose your best out of Apple iPhone Vs Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Samsung Galaxy SIII or iPhone 5? It’s not only your question. If you are unsure, here are some points of comparison between the two best smartphones of the moment.

Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy SIII

1 – Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy SIII in OS and interface:

Samsung has made tremendous progress in terms of ergonomics and smooth interface with its TouchWizz Android. Galaxy SIII offer with these developments, a very good comfort. Apple remains a master in the art of design and ergonomics of the interface and still keeps a slight edge against the best Android overlays, such as HTC or even Samsung. But as according to us iOS 6 interface and 200 new features could make iPhone 5 verdicts in iPhone 4 and S III but at present we can say there will be draw.

2 – Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy SIII in Power Comparison:

Thanks to its latest generation architecture, the dual core processor of the iPhone 5 is expected to offer performance similar to that of the chip quad core Galaxy SIII (Samsung Exynos 4412). In video games however, the graphic chip of the iPhone should be much faster. So, here iPhone 5 could be call as more powerful that S III in graphics.

3 – Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy SIII in Connectivity:

iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII have finally shared a 3.5 mm jack for connecting headphones. On all mobile, Apple passes through the proprietary connector “Lightning”: transfers with the computer, charging the device and connecting various adapters. The SIII in turn is equipped with a standard micro USB (for loading and transfer). Compatible MHL, this jack to connect the mobile (via adapter) to a TV via an HDMI cable. The smartphone Samsung embarks especially a card reader micro SDHC practice to expand the internal memory of SIII.
So, we can easily say in connectivity SIII is verdict over iPhone 5.

4 – Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy SIII in Dimensions:

with a weight of 112 grams for a thickness less than 8 mm, the iPhone 5 has a small footprint despite its larger screen. It will thus more easily in pocket against the Galaxy SIII huge which certainly accuse that 132 g less than 9 mm thick, but far more a in length and width. Small fans will appreciate the iPhone. Lovers prefer the big screen SIII.
So, in design and dimensions there will be a draws in between SIII and iPhone 5, because in this case it is a matter of taste!

5 – Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy SIII in Display:

Super AMOLED screen in SIII Book of flattering colors and deep blacks absolute brightness but not among the best, while Apple announced for its LCD high brightness of 500 cd / m 2, coupled to a correct contrast. Both display technologies are hardly comparable and will – once again – a matter of taste. In contrast, the Retina display format four inches of the iPhone 5 should be in terms of quality, as dazzling as the 4S, with a high resolution of 640 x 1136 points. This is slightly lower than the definition of SIII, but as the slab of the latter is much greater advantage in terms of resolution returns to the iPhone: 326 dots per inch against only 306 for the smartphone from Samsung.
So, iPhone 5 is verdict.

6 – Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy SIII in Camera:

Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5 are equipped with an eight megapixel camera sensor filming in HD 1080p. Apple announces photos and enhanced videos. Logically, and – as according to us – the 4S exceeds slightly as the SIII, the iPhone 5 should take advantage.
So, verdict in camera configuration is iPhone 5.

7 – Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy SIII in Mobile Networks:

Galaxy SIII is limited to a speed of 21 Mbit / s and will not pass on the new network to 42 Mbit / s. Therefore benefit goes to the iPhone 5, which will be compatible with these networks and can even connect to the LTE U.S. Nothing is certain. But iPhone 5 said to be verdict in networks.

8 – Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy SIII in Battery backup:

The theoretical figures of autonomy of the iPhone 5 announced by Apple are superior to those of the iPhone 4S, but not high enough to exceed the excellent results achieved by the Galaxy SIII. So, verdict in battery backup is Galaxy SIII.

This was all about the Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy SIII in design, specs, features and battery backup, now you can choose accordingly that what you will need actually.

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