Apple iPhone 6: news, release date and features

While we discuss about the hot topic of among the various gadgets, the launch of iPad 5, Apple seems to be focusing on bringing the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. Whether Apple brings iPhone 5S of iPhone VI first is not yet known, but if rumors are to be believed then iPhone 6 will take the precedence over the iPhone 5. One thing is quite sure though that it will be feature rich and step ahead with its rival handsets such Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia and HTC one mobile.

Apple could bring the new phone in three different sizes, the iPhone 6 mini, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 XL.  It will run on iOS 7. The iOS 7 will be released towards the end of September this year, so quite obviously the iPhone 6 is likely to be launched towards the end of the year. The storage space could extend upto 128GB. Apple has already started providing 128GB in its latest iPads, so it is quite likely that we will see 128GB storage space in the iPhone VI as well.

iPhone 6 will take the precedence over the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has dual core A6 processor so the new iPhone 6 will have a quad core A7 processor. The A7 processor will be a more powerful processor with better efficiency to help save the battery life. The iPhone 6 will sport with Retina+ Sharp IGZO display and would have a 1080p Full HD resolution. The screen size will definitely be quite big as compared to Apple’s earlier smart phones. We might see the ultra super fast 802.11c Wi-Fi connectivity supported in the new phone.

The rear and the main camera for iPhone VI is expected to be of 13 megapixels and can help you take one of the best images that matches the quality of professional cameras. The camera with dual mode will let you capture the best quality pictures even at night.

iPhone 6 will take the precedence over the iPhone 5

Additional feature that we could anticipate in the Apple’s  next gen iPhone is wireless charging that let you get away with carrying wires everywhere. Also the fingerprint sensor could also be included in the latest phone. This is going to be a new feature and let’s see how user community will accept this feature. Apple could introduce transparent screen also in its new smartphone.

When is the Release Date?

So in a nutshell, this is going to be the sixth generation smartphone from Apple. The release date, as we mentioned, could be either the end of this year of early part of the next year. Apple is yet to make an official announcement of this new gadget.

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