Apple iPod nano 7 complete Review and Features

Last year Apple iPod nano 6 was one of the most daring and controversial experiments in this line – it looked more like a square case shuffle screen than usual elongated nano. In this case, the new format was as fans enthusiastically decided to abandon the control wheel, to give all the front panel below the touch screen and equip the player clothespin and opponents. Apparently, in the end defeated the Conservatives, so that in the model the 2012 iPod nano 7, Apple has decided to go back to basics.

iPod nano 7

Apple iPod nano 6

However, in real life, everything is exactly the opposite – function of a compact media player (music, radio, video) are already able to perform almost any touch phone, not to mention smartphones. So shuffle, still choose lovers jogging, touch get those who are not saved on the iPhone, but what nano is almost of no need. Its mark on the situation and puts the cost of this model. If iPod shuffle can, as they say, take in the Apple Store for the surrender of the iPhone or MacBook, then force yourself to spend $ 150 on a 2.5-inch player is not the most outstanding functionality is not so simple. Especially considering the fact that it is much more interesting iPod touch 4 in the initial configuration is only $ 50 more expensive.

iPod nano 7
Apple iPod shuffle


One should not forget that the company from Cupertino, Apple iPod nano seems a favorite subject for experimentation. In support of this assumption as the serial number of the model (from 2005, had already had seven generations of nano and only four shuffle), and an abundance of designs – from the classic tile, continuing to surprise the square and ending with “iPhones for midgets.” It is the sixth generation of the player truly left an indelible mark in the hearts of fans of Apple, because it can be easily turned into a … elegant watch! Manufacturers of accessories quickly made production of straps to suit every taste, and on the network at one time there were active rumors that the company Apple will soon release a watch and call them certainly iWatch.
Wrist Watch Apple iPod nano 6 (strap from iWatchz)

iPod nano 7

However, there was a “six” and one notable drawback – square screen did not have to watch the video, so that Apple has once again decided that the best customers know themselves what they need and what is not. Model at the same time deprived the speaker, microphone and camera and presented it as another breakthrough … As we mentioned at the beginning, in the end common sense prevailed and the same autumn of 2012, Apple introduced a more balanced solution, which we will cover in this review of Apple iPod nano 7.

Apple iPod nano 7 comes in a transparent plastic box, where new players can find a brief instruction manual, a couple of “apple” stickers, cable USB-to-Lightning and Apple EarPods new headphones without a microphone and remote control. Note that in the set with a simple iPod shuffle comes simpler headphones previous generation.
Using a compact connector Lightning allowed to make lower bound player significantly more accurate than its predecessor. However, to use the old peripherals (speakers, docking station, etc.) will have to buy an expensive adapter Lightning to 30-pin Adapter ($ 29 in the U.S.), and not the fact that it will be exactly compatible with your model.

Design, operation of Apple iPod nano 7:


New Apple iPod nano 7 back to classic elongated shape, wide screen and the ability to play video. Legendary wheel control and is in the past, but to the 2.5-inch touch screen, the developers added a hardware key Home, familiar to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The top of the building there is a lock button, right-hand side panel is free, on the left taken out with volume control integrated Play button, and finally the lower bound contains a compact connector Lightning and a standard 3.5 mm audio jack. Under a white plastic plug is hidden antenna Bluetooth-module.
The Apple iPod nano 7 player is made of anodized aluminium with a matte finish and is available in one of eight colors: black, silver, blue, green, yellow, pink, red, purple. As in the case of the iPod touch black front panel is available only for the black version of registration, in other cases, this panel is white. Apparently using the same manufacturing process as in the case of the iPhone 5, so if not careful operation is possible emergence of chips on the facets of the metal casing.

Size and weight of Apple iPod nano 7 are impressive, in the hands of an adult, it looks just a toy. Area of the front panel is noticeably smaller sized business cards, thickness is only five and a half millimeters, and weight – 31 grams. As a result, in a pocket player hardly felt about the fact that it is still with you tell only the music, not the tactile sensations.


The recess in the center rocker makes it easy to find the controls on the background of a rounded body sides – just drag your finger along the edge. Deepening serves keys Play / Pause, and higher margins are responsible for increasing and decreasing the volume. Claims for design and ease of use Apple iPod nano 7, we have not found, even though the fans the previous model, they will be almost guaranteed – more size, no clips, and cannot be used as a wrist watch, etc.


The sound quality of Apple iPod nano 7 on personal feelings is on the average, iPod touch 5 – much better. Data space volume is more than enough for listening in a trip on the subway. Opportunity to compare the sound of new items to its predecessor was, but it was possible to estimate the effect on the character of the sound EarPods, compared to the old fully complete keys from Apple, they really give a more interesting and enjoyable sound experience.


Functionality of Apple iPod nano 7:

Strangely enough, but most equipped Apple iPod nano was introduced back in 2009, the year model of the 5th generation, which could boast of a video camera, and a built-in microphone and speaker. The modern model of the 7th generation Apple iPod nano 7 does not have any of the above, these functions are to be found in the player a higher level iPod touch.


The Apple iPod nano 7 player is equipped with a 2.5-inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 240 by 432 pixels and support for multi-touch gestures. The picture is quite grainy, steps on the arc round icon visible to the naked eye. Matrix is technology TN + film, so that when you change the angle of view picture expected “fade.” The brightness is adjustable in the settings manually, there is no automatic adjustment.



Current seventh generation Apple iPod nano 7 is only offered in a single hardware configuration with 16 GB of internal memory (14.7 GB user available), so that the color of the case – the only thing that you can choose from in the store. Internal battery capacity of 220 mAh player can play 30 hours of music or 3.5 hours of video display. Built-in Bluetooth-module allows you to connect wirelessly to compatible speakers, headphones and stereo systems.

Interface of Apple iPod nano 7:

Interface of Apple iPod nano 7 resembles a simplified version of iOS, it is available,. A player can unlock the power button and pressing Home, you can change the order of icons long press. A running application is minimized by pressing Home. Download content to your player is traditionally carried out using iTunes.


Annex Music contains all the usual features such as track selection, fast, random play, repeat one or all tracks in the album, as well as sorting by artist, genre and album. Available shaking and mixing tracks are equalizer with over twenty presets. Section Podcasts is almost similar to the music player, but in addition provides the ability to quickly go back 30 seconds back and change the playback speed.


Radio only works in Apple iPod nano 7 when the headphones are connected, which are used as an external antenna. The frequency of your favorite stations can be set manually from Vernier, or choose from a list of local stations, obtained after tuning. Sound is recorded in the memory buffer, it has enough capacity for 15 minutes), so you can put it on pause or rewind.
Section of Video in Apple iPod nano 7, allow you to put the film on pause, fast rewind the movie at the right moment, and change the audio track and subtitle display. Supports photo slideshow with adjustable delay, and also allows you to scale the image using the gesture pinch-to-zoom. Fitness allows you to track the number of steps a day passed, and even semi-organized workouts, passing information about the distance covered and calories spent in the service of Nike +.
All settings are gathered in the section Settings of Apple iPod nano 7, from which you can learn, including the number of downloaded content and the amount of free memory. Finally watch not only shows the current time, but may also work a stopwatch and a timer (but no alarm). To dial a few skins available, the clock can be observed at each activation only player or by pressing icons, you can select the appropriate option in the settings.

Results for Apple iPod nano 7:

As a result, Apple iPod nano 7 – stylish ultralight baseline player with video capabilities, as well as built-in FM-radio, Bluetooth-module and a pedometer, which is an excellent choice for those fans of the products Apple, which for some reason do not like the model shuffle, classic or touch (that is, a core group of potential customers – active lifestyles and fans of FM-radio).
If you do not belong to the number of active users of apple ecosystem and do not use iTunes to organize your own music library, you might choose the music player from another manufacturer, or simply take advantage of multimedia features of your phone.

+ light miniature metal body
+ hardware keys Play / Pause, Vol +, Vol-
+ complete new generation of Apple headphones EarPods
+ accounting system athletic performance Nike +
+ is the only iPod with FM-radio
+ video playback

– the high cost
– an ambiguous design

This was all regarding the recently released Apple iPod nano 7 review, stay tuned for more.

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