Apple iPod nano 7G 2012: Complete Review & Specs

Apple iPod nano 7G 2012 is a pretty good device which was recently presented and it is bigger in size to its predecessor but reintroduced in a format that bigger display gives more room and a small home button, as on the iPod touch or iPhone. Apple iPod nano 2012 could be called as a mini iPod touch?


Apple iPod nano 7G 2012

Apple iPod nano 7G 2012 comes with finished extreme compactness, which gave the sixth-generation iPod nano tunes from iPod shuffle with a screen (1.54 inch), also finished the clip to hang on the back of a garment or a bag strap. Remain bright colors and slim body, lightweight anodized aluminium.
Touch screen and video

Apple iPod nano 7G 2012 has got a bigger size, it gets closer to the shape of nano fifth generation opting for however a larger screen (2.5 inches against 2.2 inches) and especially touch. Responsive and accurate, it can navigate an interface very similar to that proposed devices running iOS. The screen is not like Retina, we see the pixels, which is no longer used with high-definition displays. In addition, there is a tendency to see the light side, which is more surprising than disturbing. No worries for videos. The Apple iPod nano 7G (seventh generation) is capable of playing movies encoded in H.264 and MPEG-4 formats supported by Apple (M4V, MP4 and MOV). They can of course be purchased from the iTunes Store or converted by you in resolution of 720 points per 576 (maximum). This will require that your files are necessarily compatible with iTunes to be synchronized then be played.

Apple iPod nano 7G 2012

If the interface of Apple iPod nano 7G resembles iOS, the mobile operating system for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, it is impossible here to download applications. The new iPod nano is primarily a music player with the new connector … Lightning. You will need an adapter to connect to a speaker dock equipped with conventional or while enjoying the Bluetooth connection – small novelty of this model – to play sound on a speaker compatible.

There are also features that made the success of Apple iPod nano 7G over generations: music and podcasts, photos, videos, FM radio (which allows record up to 15 minutes to listen emission line), clock and voice recorder. These functions are easily managed via the touch screen with large icons and menus list, survival of the first iPod.
Built with endurance and sports Sensors

A special mention for fitness function, which corresponds to “Nike + iPod” the iPhone or iPod touch. In summary, this application allows you to record your steps if you are a walker, or if you run distances and calories, all thanks to the sensor you place in your shoes.

And in fact, the extreme lightness of the Apple iPod nano 7G, 31 g, and its large volume buttons on the side are a partner of choice for the sport. The player is even suitable for a marathon with its beautiful Autonomy: approximately 30hours streaming music and 4 hours of video playback, if you have the patience to watch a movie on a 2.5 inch screen …

The verdict

With each new version of the Apple iPod Nano, the situation changes, the approach also. But this little device is always a pleasure to use. The video function is anecdotal, because of the size of the screen, but Apple iPod nano 7G is cheaper than its predecessor (179 euros against 209 euros) for a unique ability to store 16 GB, is a beautiful object, finishing impeccable and a very good player.


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