Apple iPod nano 7G: Complete Review & Specs

On September 12, 2012, during the same keynote where Apple showed the iPhone 5, was presented the seventh generation of the iPod nano which is now known as Apple iPod nano 7G, unquestionably the iPod model that has undergone more changes since first introduced on September 7, 2005.

Apple iPod nano 7G

Apple iPod nano 7G History and changes in Ergonomics:

During these seven years, the iPod nano has gone through different formats, but really different. The first model, successor to the iPod mini, had a capacity of 2 to 4 Gbytes, elongated format and a small screen. The second generation was presented on September 12, 2006 and did not show much change, except more battery life, new headphones and available in six colors.

On September 7, 2007, marked a radical change in format, with a wider body and lower, and other big news as the ability to play video. This iPod nano “chubby” not passionates designers from Apple and again a year later, on September 9, 2008, launched the fourth generation of the iPod nano 2G form but with a larger screen (2 inches).

The fifth generation , the company filed September 13, 2009, kept in shape, size and volume of the iPod nano 4G, but added video camera, FM radio, pedometer, and rose slightly to 2.2 inch screen. Again, in the sixth generation, filed on September 1, 2010, the designers at Apple surprised everyone with a square pattern in which virtually everything was screen, but a very special display of 1.54 inches with 240 x 240 pixels and touch (multitouch). For the first time lost the classic wheel to scroll through menus.

Apple iPod nano 7G

And after this historical introduction to the Apple iPod nano 7G arrived, a seventh generation has again changed its design. This time, though time will give more details, the Multi-Touch screen stretches to 2.5 inches (240 x 432 pixels) and includes a center button like the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

The seventh-generation Apple iPod nano 7G is accompanied by the new headphones EarPods, the PC connection cable (this time with Lightning connector) and a quick guide.

Tucked into flour and the iPod nano 7G, said to be the thinnest iPod that has never left the “factory Cupertino”: a thickness of 0.54 cm for overall dimensions of 7.65 cm high and 3.96 cm width and a weight of 31 grams. And all this as mentioned is with a multi-touch screen 2.5-inch widescreen with a resolution of 240 x 432 pixels to 202ppi.

By the way, speaking of buttons, some more are in the Apple iPod nano 7G. Specifically is the on / off / activation of upper side and the up / down volume and play / pause button on the left side.

As usual in the iPod nano in recent times (now also in the new iPod touch ) you can choose from several colors : graphite, gray, purple, pink, yellow, green and blue, as well as the special edition (PRODUCT) RED, which as its name suggests is red. Of course, the choice with the colors just because there is only one capacity: 16 Gbytes.
As we mention an interesting new larger battery than the previous generation. The people of iFixit have shown to completely disassemble the Apple iPod nano 7G as their 0.8 Wh battery more than double the 0.39 Wh battery of iPod nano 6G. This means that, according to Apple, rechargeable lithium polymer battery can play up to 30 hours of music at full load (takes about three hours to power up completely).
Of course, are the official numbers from Apple, ranging downward in actual use, especially if we see some video, we take our pictures, we have activated Bluetooth, etc. Anyway, what matters is that the new nano battery offers a range more than acceptable, obviously this is not a smartphone you have to recharge almost every day.

Apple iPod nano 7G
On the lower side of the Apple iPod nano 7G have the headphone jack and the new connector lightning.
Another detail that sets it apart from previous versions is its interface. The new format bubble icons are a bit strange at first for iOS users, but the fact is that the size and spacing between them is perfect to not make mistakes in icon when on the move.
Speaking of movement, the Apple iPod nano 7G is a music player designed for athletes. Of course, anyone can use, capacity and options (such as radio, video playback 720 x 576 pixels or photo album) will not disappoint you, but this “soul” sport is demonstrated in Nike Fitness App, which measures the steps (pedometer) but also the distances (in addition to the alleged duration or calories expended) when we run.
And you do not need anything else, with the Apple iPod nano 7G is enough, no need to buy an iPod Nike Spot Kit with sensor in the shoe or heart rate monitor. Well, if we buy the data obtained will be more reliable, because in tests the truth is that while the pedometer was very accurate when measuring our steps, at the time of the race the results were disastrous.

Technical Specifications of Apple iPod nano 7G:

Manufacturer: Apple
Model: iPod nano 7G
Price: 169 euros.
Capacity: 16 Gbytes.
Screen: Multi-Touch 2.5 inch widescreen (240 x 432).
Other: Bluetooth, FM radio, accelerometer, headphone EarPods.
Dimensions: 7.65 cm (W) x 3.96 cm (W) x 0.54 cm (thickness).
Weight: 31 grams.
What insurance users will miss the new nano athletes compared to the previous generation is the clip. For me it was very convenient because it allowed me to take the nano 6G grabbed the sleeve of my shirt or suspenders this, now we have to opt for one case or take it inside our pocket.
More details of iPod nano 7G notable is the inclusion of Bluetooth and the new connector Lightning. While the first thing I see as a plus for the new generation, the latter seems like a hassle for those who have peripheral for iPods with 30-pin connectors. Now, your speaker dock, for example, will not help you at all unless you throw hand adapter connector to 30-pin Lightning sold for 29 euros, another significant amount to add to the 169 euros it costs the iPod nano 7G.

Conclusion for Apple iPod nano 7G:

In short, many developments in such a small body, but did not expect less from Apple. Now it remains to see how the market reacts to the new generation, as certain to be users who are not agreed the new format (and price), others do not feel comfortable with the new interface or, more likely, to have find a smartphone no sense to buy a music player.

This was all about the latest available Apple iPod nano 7G, which is perfect music player even more than a smart music player.

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