Apple iPod touch 5 Review & Specs

Apple iPod touch 5 is conceived originally as a music player with the ability to view the video then eventually turned into a Pocket PC, a compact bar, a game console, and most importantly – a much cheaper alternative to the iPhone. So it is no surprise that after an extended iPhone 5 and its younger brother, iPod touch 5 received a large 4-inch screen, a more powerful platform and a radical new design.

iPod touch 5
Apple iPod touch 5 comes in a transparent plastic box with rounded corners. To prevent chafing during transport to the screen, is protected with adhesive tape and the player itself is laid in flexible plastic tray. At the bottom of the box you will find a brief instruction manual, two stickers with bitten apple, as well as cable with Lightning, new headphones Apple EarPods and corporate leather wrist strap.


New compact Lightning looks a toy on the background of the old 30-pin connector. Its small size made it possible to lower bound of the player much more aesthetic. In addition, you can connect any party, not to search each time the top of the icon, which significantly simplifies the daily operation of the device. Unlike the iPhone 5 charger included Apple iPod touch 5 traditionally do not, but you can be purchased separately ($ 19 U.S.).


Headphones Apple EarPods for Apple iPod touch 5

As well as the iPhone 5 and the iPod nano 7gen, the new Apple iPod touch 5 earphones EarPods. Note that only complete with the iPhone 5 offers full headphones, while the boxes with nano touch and you will find them a simplified version without the microphone and remote control.
Externally EarPods are significantly different from the previous generation of headphones for Apple iPod touch 5. In search of the perfect form of headphones, Apple has studied hundreds of ears, created as a result of a much more complex model. Due to the characteristic elongated shape are safer sitting in the auricle, and the sound is fed directly into the ear canal. Besides the two major holes in each earpiece provides three tiny holes for alignment of sound pressure.


According to the results of two weeks of daily use, we can say with confidence that the headphones on its head EarPods surpass previous complete headphones from Apple. They did more firmly in their ears, so much harder to “pull out”, accidentally pulling the cord. Music, movies, and even the leading voice podcasts begin to sound much more interesting, with more pronounced low and middle frequencies. So if you do not consider themselves to note-audiophiles, the headphones complete EarPods certainly surprise you with sound quality.


Apple iPod touch 5 loop strap

Previously, Apple did not provide even a conventional standard strap hole, but especially for the Apple iPod touch 5 fixing up their own design and original leather strap. One copy of the selected color to match player version comes free, but Apple will not be itself if it were not offered to purchase another color strap separately. Only $ 9 in the near Apple Store, and you can pick your own “unique” combination of colors.

Silver disc in the lower left corner of the rear panel, which at first sight may well be taken as a design element design is really top of the retractable rod. Normally, the disc slightly in the housing surface, but when you click on it, as this metal rivet lifted, allowing it to put on a thin stalk eyelet leather strap. The size of the strap is adjustable in circumference wrist, so that it can easily be used both children and adults.

Keeps iPod touch loop strap through the holes in the characteristic shape of a bowling, no additional fixation is provided (to stop strap “cap”, dropping it down does not work, the strap is too tight), so completely exclude a situation in which the freely rotating on the axis of the strap will be off the axis, we would not have. If you do not swing the player specifically, but to use the strap as an additional element of safety from an accidental fall, it should be no problems.

Design of Apple iPod touch 5

iPod touch 5
Design of Apple iPod touch 5 has changed significantly, not only in connection with the size of the screen – in the design of new items easily traced the same visual solutions that are used to create the iPhone 5 smartphone and tablet iPad mini.
Recall that the predecessor player offers only two versions of design – with white or black front panel, with the base case in both cases was made of polished stainless steel natural mirror-silver. But Apple iPod touch 5, you can choose to have one of six colors: black, silver, pink, yellow, blue and bright red. Call this solution cannot be revolutionary, like colors have long been used in the family of iPod, though before this rainbow was used only in models shuffle and nano.


Front black is now available for the respective option Apple iPod touch 5; all other color versions are available exclusively with a white cabinet depth. Changed and the base case, instead of a mirror, it is made of steel coated with brushed aluminium, but rather an expression of sloping sides with polished bevelled edge. A similar solution is used in the iPhone 5, so that the active operation is possible the appearance of characteristic chips on the sharp edges, which some owners complain smartphone. In any case, this coating is much more resistant to minor scratches than the metal mirror predecessor.

The layout of the controls has not changed. The front panel contains the hardware Home button and the front camera, but the light sensor novelty decided not to equip (apparently decided to sacrifice this element in trying to make the case iPod touch 5 as thin as possible). The rear panel contains the original fastening strap, lens 5 megapixel camera, a microphone and flash, as well as the plastic plug at the location of the antenna Wi-Fi-module. Right lateral side is free, on the left taken out a couple of the volume keys on top – switch button. The lower edge can find a compact connector Lightning, as well as audio and the only speaker who swapped places compared to the previous model.


As usual, the new design of Apple iPod touch 5 there as fans and opponents, but if you approach it a balanced assessment, it appears that praise (though, like the curse) Apple is not for nothing. On the part of the front panel is almost a complete copy of the iPhone 5, but the rear part of a specially made (to God forbid someone from others not accepted you for smartphone users). Variety of colors is one more way to show the real status of the device. Tablets and smartphones Apple remains the classic black or white, but what players (shuffle, nano, and now the touch) are positioned more as entertainment (i.e., less serious) solutions for younger audiences. It is clear that you can buy neutral silver or black version of Apple iPod touch 5, but the sediment remains.


Apple iPod touch 5 Screen

Few would argue that the main feature of the new Apple iPod touch 5 was increased to 4 inch screen with Retina-resolution of 1136 by 640 pixels. Matrix is now made by technology IPS, rather than TN + film as its predecessor, so it provides a much better image quality at any angle. Increased and maximum available brightness, but unfortunately deprived novelty light sensor.
The ability to automatically adjust the brightness is useful when a sudden change in ambient light so that the sensor was removed, not because the company believes it is now, Apple is not needed, but because in the pursuit of tenths of a thickness of the body they just had to be sacrificed. Approach really weird, but mindful of these games in the other models of the company (remember the keyboard backlight in MacBook Air), it is hoped that the iPod touch 6 light sensor will back into place.
Elongated screen of Apple iPod touch 5 16:9 gives a larger picture without black bars when watching videos, as well as significantly increase the amount of useful information during the games, reading, browsing and other activities. Some software can still produce black bars on the sides of the screen, but almost all popular applications already upgraded under the new permit.


iPod touch 5

Compared to its predecessor, Apple iPod touch 5 generation has more efficient dual-core Apple A5 processor and the doubled RAM, which is now 512 MB. Marketers of Apple removed the 8GB and 16-gigabyte version, leaving only the top 32 and 64 GB and not removing from the production of a precursor with a storage capacity of 16 and 32 GB. In fact, the hardware stuffing of player is fully consistent with another novelty of iPad mini, with the only difference being that Apple iPod touch 5 has no optional 3G-module and 16 GB versions.


For Running the applications, responsiveness of the interface, work with the browser – any action now goes much faster than is the case with its predecessor. Apple iPod touch 5 has slightly increased and the capacity of the battery, so that the resulting autonomy has remained the same – 40 hours for music and 8 hours of video playback. Working player running iOS 6, where in addition to all the usual functions also supports AirPlay and voice assistant Siri (both – the first time for the line of iPod touch).

Significantly improved and photographic capabilities of Apple iPod touch 5. It is equipped with simple precursor modules 0.3 and 0.9 megapixels, the novelty can boast of a good front-facing camera 1.2 megapixel and main camera just great 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, flash, and the ability to capture panoramic and HDR-images. Apple iPod touch 5 is now actually able to replace a simple bar of soap for casual photographer, so expect a surge in popularity pictures from the device to Flickr and Instagram.
The biggest influence on the ease of use Apple iPod touch 5, of course, had an increase in diagonal screen. A simple increase of just 0.5 inches resulted in a change in screen resolution and, more importantly, the aspect ratio.


In typical applications, the active “middle zone” (browsers, clients of social networking software for reading, etc.) and predominantly vertical orientation of the user interface, just get a little more space: one row of icons, a few lines of text, a few percent image area. For applications where no “landscape” position is even required to make changes to the interface elements, the size and position of the soft keys are the same.


Quite a different situation with the “horizontal” applications, yhe biggest plus in the screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio (the previous generation of this option is equal to 3:2) is the possibility of a full-size video display. The lack of black bars above and below the diagonal and the grown significantly increase the area of the video image, so that the Apple iPod touch 5 is considerably more suited to the role of compact video player, than its predecessor. However, in typical applications, the “extra” 176 pixels led to the fact that elements of the interface had progressively stretched (but not increase, because the width of the screen is the same – 640 pixels), or dilute, increasing the space between them. Naturally, adjusted pixel interfaces will suffer, and their developers had to break his head over fallen down on the head of happiness.


In general, to use the new Apple iPod touch 5 was enjoyable. Although due to the increased from 3.5 to 4.0 inches display of its body and was an inch longer, while maintaining a comfortable grip in width. Case of thickness decreased by a millimeter, in real life it is almost imperceptible, but putting both players near the difference you’ll see all the same. But the change in weight is noticeable even without weighing as new items from a larger subconsciously expect more weight, and in fact it is 13 grams lighter than its predecessor. Because of the cabinet side made straight, not tapered like its predecessor, it is more convenient to use the lock button and volume control. However, in the new sidewalls, or rather, their edges are hidden main fears of the future owners (how quickly they were covered with scratches?).


During a rather careful monthly operating Apple iPod touch 5, its rear panel remains intact, but still appeared on the edges of a few typical “chipping”. In any case, if you wear a holster player, the scratches on it will be inevitable; especially worry about it makes no sense. If you are very much use, then immediately purchase protection to the screen and back.

Results of Apple iPod touch 5

As a result, Apple iPod touch 5 – a significant upgrade over the usual player based on iOS, has received a large 4-inch IPS-screen, much more powerful hardware platform Apple A5, as well as high-quality 5 megapixel camera and new headphones EarPods. This model will be received with enthusiasm by those who are not satisfied with scratch on the mirror housing, a 3.5-inch form factor and weak camera predecessor. Well, fans of the iPod touch 4 will still be able to purchase this classic model, because Apple does not remove it from the production and offers a significantly cheaper novelty.
Thus, price fork (cost for comparison is taken for the U.S. market) line Apple iPod touch is now as follows: $ 199 (4gen, 16 GB), $ 249 (4gen, 32 GB), $ 299 (5gen, 32 GB), $ 399 (5gen, 64 GB). The difference between the 32 GB model of the 4th and 5th generations of only $ 50, so that the attraction upgrade for anyone who knows for sure that he needed just such a device, is obvious. But there are two pitfalls. First, many enough volume to 16 GB, which will get them for only $ 199, so the pay 1.5 times for the “extra” memory and dignity of the 5th generation is not that interesting. Well, second, much more interesting iPad mini in the initial configuration is only $ 30 more expensive, but this is a much more serious reason to think hard to upgrade the fleet of vehicles Apple. For example, instead of buying the next iPod touch choose iPad mini, and the “cheaper alternative to iPhone” to replace the original or Android-smartphone.

+ New youth design and variety of color options
+ Larger screen, made by technology IPS
+ Player is thinner and lighter, and the battery capacity is more than
+ Dual-core Apple A5 platform and twice the amount of RAM
+ Quality headphones EarPods
+ Excellent compared to precursor 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash
+ Support Siri and AirPlay

Do not like it
– There is no light sensor
– Fastening strap doubts about the reliability
– The potential problems with the paint on the edges of the housing

This was all regarding the Apple iPod touch 5 review, stay tuned for more updates, we hope it has answered your all questions regarding this recent device.

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