Apple iWatch to interact with your iPhone

Is Apple working on iWatch concept? Will it interact with your iPhone? Well, is not very clear but the rumors are on high that Apple is bringing its next big product in the market, the iWatch. Sources say that the iWatch is in experiment phase and the development will commence very soon. It will be a wearable smartwatch that can interact with iPhone and/or iPad. This wearable iWatch could be the simplest, most human-centric computer ever made, with voice replacing the touchscreen as the primary interface. This is going to be the advanced version of iPad Nano-as-a watch concept.

The iWatch is going to be a device on your wrist not just a watch, but it will also provide notifications from your iPhone without you taking the iPhone out of your pocket. The notification such as calls, text messages and emails will be transmitted, probably using Bluetooth, from your pocketed iPhone. It could transmit video messages and will have functions like voice control and fitness tracking. Like iPhone and iPad, the device could also perform some of the computational tasks. This could be one of the most human centric device and being it on your wrist, the iWatch would be most simplest device ever made.

iWatch Smartwatch

Apple iWatch could provide enhanced functionalities as provided in the iPod Nano like the MP3 player, FM radio, photos, a clock and fitness tracking. It could easily incorporate the functionality for people to connect the social network sites like Facebook. To increase convenience while on road the iWatch can have maps and navigation capabilities. Of course, Apple will not try to overload iWatch with all these functionalities and will take advantage of the features provided by iPhone and can act as a wireless device on your wrist.

You might think that if I have an iPhone why should there be another device on top of it which provides all the features that my iPhone provides. Well, many people have iPhone as well as iPad with most of the features provided in both the devices. So on similar lines iWatch, a wearable smartphone, could be a revolution from Apple that could change our way of working. I agree that the watch is too small to hold all these capabilities, storage, required battery etc. But further down the line with the help of technology we never know that all the functionality of an iPhone will be supported in a wearable iWatch.

iWatch Smartwatch

Product Launch:

Apple has not announced when it is going to launch the iWatch but in my opinion if it is launched it will be a breakthrough product that could eventually replace the smartphone. We will keep a watch on Apple progress towards bringing this product to market and will keep you posted on this smartwatch, the iWatch.

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