Apple Mac mini 2012, cheaper and more powerful: Review & Specs

Overshadowed by its big brother the iMac, Apple Mac mini 2012 rises and sees its prices slightly lower.

Apple Mac mini 2012

Make no mistake; the iMac has always been the star of Apple’s desktop. The Apple Mac mini 2012 has its heyday at birth when it was the first (and not long) Mac was less than 500 dollars.

Updated light

Since it is updated when Apple thinks, the last time was in July 2011, and the Mac mini had lost its optical drive while gaining more powerful processors. For the annual upgrade, we note the adoption of Core i5 (dual core) and i7 (dual core) latest generation, Apple said performance up to two times faster with the dual powers the quad top model. Moreover, the memory is still available in 4GB series augmentable up to 16 GB with a processing rate revised up to 1600 MHz. At the rear, Thunderbolt / DisplayPort is still there, as well as FireWire 800 card reader SDXC, we applaud the arrival of four USB 3.0 ports.
Discs Fusion

But the novelty, the top model comes from the possibility +Optional 250 euros, choose a hybrid hard drive, called Fusion Drive Apple, which takes advantage of the SSD and mechanical drives. Mac OS X 10.8 (Lion Mountain, supplied as standard) has been optimized to organize the applications and documents on different parts of the disk to always put the most commonly used on the SSD.

Which, of course, allows Apple Mac mini 2012 the access faster while the data and programs used less sleep quietly on the mechanical part.

Configurations and prices

The Apple Mac mini 2012, besides its server version, sold for 1029 euros with two hard drives on board, is available in two models. Equipped with a Core i5 processor at 2.5 GHz and a 500 GB (only 5400 revs / minute), then the configuration costs 629 euros. The other has a Core i7 2.3 GHz, with a 1 TB hard drive (at 5400 revolutions / minute also) to 829 euros.

+More powerful processors
+The integration of hybrid disc (a little expensive)
+Prices slightly lower

-This is not an iMac

This was all regarding Apple Mac mini 2012 pre review, hope it will help to choose your best required product.

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