Apple MacBook Pro 13 Retina-display with an updated Mac and iPad mini will be presented Oct. 23: Specs & Features

According to unconfirmed reports, Apple scheduled an event for October 23, which is revealing that there will not only iPad Mini, but a couple of new computers. In particular, as reported 9To5Mac and AllThingsD, Apple will also introduce 13-inch MacBook Pro 13 with a Retina-display. In addition, according to 9to5mac, will be announced and the new model Mac mini.

MacBook Pro 13

It is expected that a compact analogue current model MacBook Pro 13 with a Retina-display is not only lighter, but also thinner. Resolution of its display should reach 2560×1600 pixels. According to the source, the laptop comes in two basic configuration options that are different CPU and disk space. Sales of the 13-inch MacBook Retina begin after a short time after the announcement.

Mac mini was last updated in the summer of 2011. According to sources, this year’s model Mac mini 2012 will be available in two standard configurations, plus a version with OS X Server on board. Sales of the upgraded PC with Ivy Bridge on board and support USB 3.0 will begin immediately after the announcement. So, wait for 23rd October you will be introduced with Apple MacBook Pro 13, Mac mini and iPad mini.

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